25 Most Hilarious Science Puns That Will Crack You Up

12 months ago
Are you ready for these hilarious science puns that will crack you up? This video will prime you with the absolute best (and worst) funny science puns. These genius science puns are the best chemistry puns and physics puns out there. What better way to show off your true intelligence then by having a few of these geeky jokes in your back pocket? Whether you work in science or just love science, these STEM jokes will keep you and your friends laughing the day away. Ready for some major funny? Then check out this list of 25 Most Hilarious Science Puns That Will Crack You Up!

**Not quite getting the puns? Turn on closed captioning (The CC button) to see the text of Mike’s science puns!**

If geeky jokes are your thing, then these amazingly smart jokes are everything you could ever need. For some amazing math jokes and science jokes about everything from Einstein to the periodic table you cannot go wrong with this list! This is a video full of the smartest puns - if you know what a quark is, have an idea of the periodic table, or have a grasp on fission, you will love these science puns and geeky jokes. Ready to have comedy material for days? Think you can produce a physics pun or two? Then check out this list of the greatest smart jokes and leave us a comment telling us what science joke keeps you rolling on the floor laughing!

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Do you want to keep your friends laughing? Have a nerdy person in your life to impress? Maybe you are the type of person who has a high IQ and just wants to laugh or you have a penchant for puns. Maybe you even work as a scientist or in a laboratory and want to let your friends and colleagues laugh alongside you. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for physics puns, chemistry puns, biology puns, or just funny science jokes, you’ve come to the right place. This is a short and sweet video to round out your Friday, so make sure to stay until the end to see which jokes are in our top 10!

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25 Most Hilarious Science Puns That Will Crack You Up

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