25 Most DANGEROUS Jobs in the World

8 months ago
Think you have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world? Contrary to what you might think some of the most dangerous jobs have nothing to do with big machines or dangerous animals. Many of these worst jobs are available right here in the USA and thousands of men and women risk their lives every day to do these amazing jobs. Check out these 25 most dangerous jobs and see if you have what it takes to be our number one!

Deadly jobs can be a disaster for your health and downright terrifying. This list has some of the worst jobs in the world and you won’t believe how dangerous working can be. Think being a carpenter or a courier is safe? Think again, these common jobs are full of potential hazards. While being an astronaut might be cool, the incredibly high death rate, not to mention the risk of health problems, makes it one of the dangerous jobs on our list. Are you tough enough for these dangerous jobs? Check out List25's top 25 dangerous jobs and let us know if you have what it takes for #1 in the comments!

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Dangerous jobs are a necessary part of our society, but the costs on workers can be very high. Take e-waste recyclers and sanitation workers who take great precautions to recycle your iPhone or dump your trash. Utility linemen and ranchers also make our list because of the high risk of being injured or dying on the job. We all expect police officers, firefighters, and roofers to be on our list, but what about slaughterhouse workers? Ever think about armored car drivers or taxi drivers as a dangerous job - well it is and taxi drivers especially have a very high on the job mortality rate. Wonder where bush pilots, deep sea fisherman, lumberjacks, and landmine removers fall on our list (we bet it’s not where you think)? Check out these 25 most dangerous jobs and watch to the end to see who’s number 1!

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25 Most DANGEROUS Jobs in the World

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