25 Most Common NIGHTMARES Everyone Hates

By : list25 - 6 months ago
Can you guess which are the most common nightmares? No one really likes to have nightmares, but we all have them and they can mean different things. Check out these 25 most common nightmares everyone hates.

Can you remember your last nightmare? More than likely you probably don’t want to remember your last nightmare. Nevertheless, nightmares are a common thing. In fact, you might have had some of these nightmares yourself. Check out these common nightmares (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these nightmares you’ve had:


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Have you ever had a nightmare where you lost your teeth? It’s a scary thought but this is a common nightmare. Another common nightmare would be missing a meeting or breaking a body part. Many people have similar nightmares and they can mean several things. Check out these 25 most common nightmares everyone hates to learn more.

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25 Most Common NIGHTMARES Everyone Hates