25 Missing People That Were Mysteriously FOUND ALIVE

8 months ago
You won’t believe the stories of these missing people that were mysteriously FOUND ALIVE! Hearing about a missing person or a missing child is heartbreaking, but when a missing person is found alive there is reason for celebration! These mysterious missing person cases initially baffled the authorities, but with persistence, time, and a little bit of luck, these amazing people were returned to their families. Get your tissue box and be ready to tear up when you see these 25 missing people that were mysteriously found alive!

The missing people in this list are real cases of adults and children gone missing. From terrifying stories of children being kidnapped, to older adults walking away, to unbelievable real cases of amnesia, the families of people in these stories were sure that their loved ones were gone forever. Imagine their surprise when these people that were missing were found alive, sometimes living a entirely different life! You’ll be shocked, surprised, and will fall in love with this top 25 list. Check out these stories of missing people that were mysteriously found alive and leave us a comment below letting us know which story you just can’t believe.

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Some of the stories in this list read like a true crime novel. This is especially true for the missing child cases like Elizabeth Smart, Danielle Cramer, Jaycee Dugard, and Steven Stayner who were all kidnapped and disappeared without a trace before being miraculously found. Do you remember Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Georgina DeJesus - the amazingly brave young women assumed dead after being kidnapped and held for multiple years? These amazing stories of missing persons are a reason for people everywhere to have hope after a person goes missing. So to are the stories of Steve Carter, Tim Carney, Edgar Latulip, and Harold Wayne Lovell who’s unexplained disappearances were solved. Be sure to watch this video for our full list of amazing missing persons found alive and see who made our top ten!

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25 Missing People That Were Mysteriously FOUND ALIVE

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