25 DISPROVEN MYTHS That People STILL Believe In

3 years ago
You’d be surprised by how many disproven myths people actually believe in. It’s possible that you’ve even told someone a disproven myth without knowing it. Here are 25 disproven myths people still believe in.

Knowing whether something is fact or fiction isn't always easy, but you’d think that you can tell a disproven myth apart (right???) See our full list of 25 disproven myths (and our photo credits and sources) and leave a comment to let us know which ones did you get right:


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From the Lock Ness Monster to lightning not striking twice, myths are everywhere. Without this list you wouldn't know that cracking your knuckles doesn't give you arthritis or that blood isn't actually blue. We didn't know that your taste buds aren't grouped by taste or that it doesn't matter if your left or right brained. You can learn all this and more (about bats, fans, and camels) when you watch these 25 disproven myths.

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25 DISPROVEN MYTHS That People STILL Believe In

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