25 DIRTIEST Things You Touch Every Day

1 year ago
You won’t believe how DISGUSTING the things you touch each day are. No matter how good a housekeeper you are, we guarantee that you have not cleaned the dirtiest things you touch everyday enough. This list will teach you all the shockingly gross things you touch around your home, work, and school, the crazy bacteria lurking on something as simple as parking meters will have you amazed and ready to carry sanitizer with you wherever you go. Think you’re safe in the bath? You would not know it but the gross things in your bathtub are even worse than what's lurking on your toilet seat! Ready to get down and dirty with some disgusting facts? Here are the 25 Dirtiest Things You Touch Everyday!

Some of these gross things you touch everyday you can’t live without - but now you might wonder how you ever lived with them! Disease-ridden money, gas pump handles, and escalator rails top our list because of the numerous studies that have show how many dangerous germs live on these surfaces. You might not think that you have that many gross things that you touch everyday, but you’d be wrong. Ready to break out the Purel and want to take a shower? Watch this video and learn all the gross things you touch everyday. Send us a comment about the absolute grossest thing you’ve ever done and we will crown the most disgusting story the ultimate winner!

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By this point we all know that light switches and door knobs are not the cleanest places in your home, but did you know that your sink is a cesspool of bacteria? Think you’re dodging a bullet by using the self checkout line at the supermarket? Well you might skip the line but you don’t skip on the disgusting pathogens left by food and previous customers. If you have kids your fate is even worse - playground equipment and water fountains are definitely in the top 10 grossest things you touch everyday! Of course, no gross list is complete without everyone’s favorite companion - their cell phone - that experts say can harbor staph bacteria! Ready to get the heebie-jeebies from all the gross things on this list? Check out these gross things you touch everyday (we bet you can’t guess what made it to number 1).

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25 DIRTIEST Things You Touch Every Day

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