25 Creative Ways Students Have CHEATED On Tests

1 year ago
You won’t believe these amazingly creative ways students have cheated on tests. These students took it to the next level with their attempts to cheat on an exam. These funny true stories of the clever ways kids cheat will have you shaking your head and wondering why YOU didn’t think of that back in high school. This compilation of clever ways kids cheat on tests showcases the most clever and creative ways kids trick the system so get ready to laugh as you watch these 25 creative ways students have cheated on tests.

These stories of cheating on a quiz or exam come to us from all over the internet. From funny tales of cheating high school math to crazy cheat sheets used in university these true stories are crazy! If you’ve ever been caught cheating on a test, these smart students will put you to shame with their undetectable strategies. Curious to hear these true stories of students cheating? Watch this video and see 25 creative ways students have cheated on tests and let us know what crazy things you did to pass a test.

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These smart and funny ways that students have found to cheat on tests are impressive. From snail mailing test questions to outside consultants to smuggling in answers written in chewing gum you’ll love these sneaky ways kids cheat on tests (unless you’re a teacher). Teachers, watch out for kids hiding answers under their fake fingernails, making a “micro photocopy,” hiding answers under tights (what a clever cheat sheet!), and smuggling answers under Snapple labels or Ace bandages. Students, think you know all the clever ways to cheat? Do you know how to cheat using a rubber band or invisible ink? Whether you want to know the best way to cheat a college exam or the worse way to get caught cheating - watch these creative ways students have cheated on tests and see which methods make it into our top 10!

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25 Creative Ways Students Have CHEATED On Tests

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