25 CREATION Stories From Around The World

8 months ago
Do you know all the creation stories from around the world? The story of creation is made of a patchwork of myths and god stories from every culture, this is not just the story of genesis. These elaborate stories of how the world began will make you think about god, creation, and the holy creation of the human race. We are lucky enough to have these creation stories from around the world to share with you. These god stories for kids and adults will have you mesmerized with the elaborate details from many different cultures. Without further ado, here are 25 Creation Stories from Around the World.

If you are unfamiliar with stories of creation from the farthest reaches of the globe you are missing out. From marvelous creation gods to powerful animals that led creation these god stories will have you watching more. You’ll be amazed to hear Polynesian creation stories, Mongolian stories of creation, and the beliefs of the Navajo. Feel like expanding your education? Want a little spice in your story of creation? Get ready to tap into the origins of life with these global god stories. Makes sure you stay with us until the end of the video and leave us a comment with which story of creation you think is the most compelling.

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Creation, the beginning of the world, and the story of everything is something that is always on our minds. You have likely never heard of the Australian aboriginal creation story of the Father of All Spirits and the Sun Mother. Similarly the Pangu myth of Chinese daoists is one we had never heard of. You may be more familiar with the Mayan creation story of Tepeu and Gucmatz or the Cherokee creation story of the Earth island. By far our favorite god stories are the those from Asia, like the Korean Cheonjiwang Bonpuli and the Japanese creation story of Izanami and Izanagi. Are you ready to learn something new? Join us as we countdown these 25 creation stories from around the world - you’ll love our top 10 stories!

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25 CREATION Stories From Around The World

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