25 CRAZY Ideas About The Simulation Hypothesis

1 year ago
You will have your mind BLOWN by these crazy ideas about the simulation hypothesis. The simulation theory is a radical idea that we are living in a kind of virtual reality. The amazing science behind this is championed by theorist Nick Bostrom and Elon Musk is a huge fan. While it might seem crazy that we are living in a computer simulation and don’t know it, supporters of the simulation argument have argued that the simulation hypothesis solves many of life’s biggest spiritual questions from whether reincarnation is real to why a merciful god would let humans suffer. While you'd never dream that we were a simulation inside
a simulation, this list may get you thinking. Get ready to call into the matrix with these 25 Crazy Ideas About the Simulation Hypothesis!

If you’ve never heard about the simulation hypothesis, be prepared to use philosophy in a way you never thought you would. The reality of the simulation arguement is that while it might seem far fetched that we would be living inside a computer, you can’t actively disprove that we are not inside a computer simulation. With the rapid advancements that human beings are making in computer technology and augmented reality this list about the simulation hypothesis is a taste of modal realism that will blow your mind. Think you’re ready to expand your mind? Make sure you stay with us until the end of the video and leave us a comment with what you think about the simulation hypothesis.

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The simulation hypothesis was first proposed in 2003, but has rapidly gained supporters. Nick Bostrom, the philosopher behind this theory, justifies his ideas with the advancement of human technology. Basically, with how fast science is improving computers, it is only a matter of time before humans are powerful enough to create extremely life like simulations. The mind blowing part of this idea is that if we are really living inside a computer simulation than by the time we are smart enough to realize we are in the simulation the “posthumans” controlling the simulation can just reset us without us knowing. Are you ready to have your brain twisted as you learn about the simulation argument? Join us as we countdown the 25 crazy ideas about the simulation hypothesis - you won’t believe our top 10 facts!

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25 CRAZY Ideas About The Simulation Hypothesis

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