25 CRAZIEST Drugs You Might Not Know Existed

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Some of the craziest drugs have devastated the lives of many people. It’s estimated that over 23 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. That’s just in America. After you see what some of these drugs do to people, you may end up wondering “why would anyone do this to themselves?”. These are 25 craziest drugs you might not know existed.

A drug addiction is a horrible thing. It can destroy not just the life of the addicted, but the lives of the people surrounding the person that is addicted. Nevertheless, the drug addict is the one that has to carry the physical consequences of his/her addiction. And some drugs can wreck an incredible amount of damage to a person. Check out these crazy and dangerous drugs (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below why you think people get addicted to these drugs in spite of the damage they cause:


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The drugs on this list should scare everyone. One drug can cause permanent brain damage in small doses. Another drug is a powerful hallucinogen with bizarre odd effects (like ear ringing for a month). And then there’s an apparently a carnivorous drug that consumes the flesh of the user. You should never do drugs. You will always end up losing. But the drugs on this list are especially dangerous and should be avoided in all circumstances. Check out the 25 craziest drugs you might not know existed.

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25 CRAZIEST Drugs You Might Not Know Existed

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