25 Celebrity Recluses Who Stay Out Of The Spotlight

1 year ago
You won’t believe how hidden these celebrity recluses who stay out of the spotlight are! Despite being famous performers, writes, or celebrities, these talented people have taken great care to hide from the media. These celebrity recluses have hidden from the spotlight and have made a name for themselves as a media shy. From the brillant Stanley Kubrick to the prolific Eminem these celebrities earned the right to be the center of attention, but chose to be a near hermit. Are you ready to see some of the most famous faces in Hollywood that are hiding from your attention? Get ready because these are 25 Celebrity Recluses Who Stay Out of the Spotlight!

If you thought that Hollywood was all about glamour and attention, you’d be right. Somehow these celebrity hermits have stayed under the cover of a media blackout. Dave Chappelle, Cormac McCarthy, and Tobey Maguire have all taken a break from the spotlight for some much need privacy, only emerging for their next great project. How do these celebrities ward off the paparazzi, live a normal life, and yet still perform at the top of their field? Get ready to find out as you watch this list of celebrity recluses who stay out of the spotlight. Make sure to leave us a comment with your favorite celebrity recluse and let us know who you’d like to see come into the spotlight again.

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Celebrities are supposed to enjoy the spotlight and let us into their lives with the constant intrusions from paparazzi, smartphone cameras, and the media in general. However, some smart celebrities have opted out of this life instead preferring a life of calm secrecy as a celebrity hermit with only preplanned media appearances. Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Joaquin Phoenix, and Prince all took this route to avoid the media’s intrusion into their private lives. Think you know why Sia and Anita Baker hide from the spotlight? What about JD Salinger or Terrence Malick? Join us as we countdown these 25 Celebrity Recluses Who Stay Out Of The Spotlight - you’ll be surprised by our top 10!

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25 Celebrity Recluses Who Stay Out Of The Spotlight

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