25 Board Games That Will Totally RUIN Your Friendships

1 year ago
Are you good enough friends to attempt these board games that will totally RUIN your friendship? If you think your friendship is strong enough to survive you might be surprised - these games have ended even the best of friends. Whether it’s the competition or what these games bring out in you, they are sure to have your friendships in tangles. Make sure you try all of these 25 board games that will totally ruin your friendships!

Some of these games are sweet classics that you likely have in your closet. Others are amazing new games that will blow up your friendships. From creating alliances and pinky swearing to always be friends, to screaming at each other from across the table, these games will ruin your friendships faster than you can finish the game. Think your friendship will be the exception? Check out these board games that will totally ruin your friendships (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave a comment below to let us know if your friendship has survived these games!


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Board games have made a huge comeback on the last few years and these games will be sure to destroy the friendships you’ve built in that time. From sneaky bribes and broken promises in Intrigue to the secret signals of friendship destruction in Dead Last, these are board games you have to try. Are you competitive? Try Caylus and be responsible for single handedly stunting the growth of your friends’ empires. Are you power-hungry? Then try Coup or Risk and see your friends bow to your strategic mastery! Do you want to ensure that board games make you lose your friends? Try Merchants and Marauders, The Resistance, or Battlestar Galactica for some sweet sabotage! Whichever game you choose, you do so at your own risk with these 25 Board games that will totally ruin your friendships.

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25 Board Games That Will Totally RUIN Your Friendships

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