25 Bizarre Stories Of Being Struck By Lightning

1 year ago
You’ll be amazed at these bizarre stories of being struck by lightning. You will be glad that you’re not one of these unfortunate people who were struck by lightning when you see how devastating lightning strikes can be. This list will show you some of the most bizarre stories of being struck by lightning and some of the craziest near death experiences the world has to offer. So sit back and be prepared to be SHOCKED by these 25 bizarre stories of being struck by lightning.

It has been said that lightning strikes cause some of the worst injuries but make the best stories and this list is no exception. From lightning jumping out of the wall to get you to lightning strikes creating fireballs there is no shortage of bizarre lightning stories and near death experiences. For those that survive lightning strikes there is also a big risk of being struck again - as many as 10 more times for one of the people on our list. So do you think you’re safe from lightning or do you have your only strange struck by lightning story to share? Check out these top 25 bizarre stories of being struck by lightning and let us know in the comments which lightning strike you think should be number 1!

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Lightning is unbelievably dangerous but it is a danger you often cannot avoid. In this list you’ll hear about a man who lost his fingers, intestines, and eardrums to a lightning strike, a little girl struck by lighting on a bright and sunny day, a pumpkin farmer hit by ground lightning and The Spark Ranger who was struck an impressive seven times by lightning. You’ll also hear about lightning strikes curing cancer, and how holding hands and an iPod saved the lives of two women. Want to know more about lightning strikes in airplanes, Ric Flair’s lightning strike, and how lightning brought a brilliant end to one pastor’s career? Watch this list to the end and see all 25 of these bizarre stories of being struck by lightning.

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25 Bizarre Stories Of Being Struck By Lightning

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