25 BIZARRE Animal Mating Rituals

8 months ago
It’s okay to blush while we talk about the most bizarre animal mating rituals the animal kingdom has to offer. We bring you 25 animals and the downright odd mating rituals that they have developed. If you thought human mating rituals were funny, you should hear what happens when fish or snakes or slugs try to mate - it can be some downright dangerous mating! It’s easy to feel sorry for the wildlife who have to put up with dancing, being stabbed, fighting, or wadding through waste in order to mate, but the truth is they would not have it any other way. From mid air love fests that turn into murder sprees to loving bonobos mating side by side, we bring you 25 weird animal mating rituals!

You would not believe how many odd mating rituals there are in the animal kingdom. Due to their impressive dedication to increasing their species, insects and animals are willing to go the distance to attract and seduce a mate. Many of the animals on this list know that this is some dangerous mating - they will die either during or shortly after these mating rituals - but these odd and determined wildlife do not see that as a deterrent. Curious how bedbugs, penguins, earwigs, giraffes, and 21 other animals mate? Check out this list of bizarre mating rituals and leave us a comment letting us know what animal mating ritual you think is the most odd mating ritual of all!

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Animal mating rituals are supposed to be the challenging part of procreating, but for the humble banana slug mating can end with chewing off their own genitalia and becoming female! But that might be tame compared to the stab fest that is the flatworm and bedbug mating ritual or the stalking and peeing that comes with the giraffe mating ritual. Want a terrifying image? The red-sided garter snake procreates in a giant ball of up to 100 snakes - talk about one odd mating ritual! But not all weird mating rituals are scary. The Sage Grouse and the Birds of Paradise both have elaborate dances that attract them mates and the Bowerbirds of New Guinea have learned to give gifts to potential mates. Which weird mating ritual is the oddest? Watch this list all the way to #1 to see which bizarre mating rituals make our top 10.

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25 BIZARRE Animal Mating Rituals

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