25 BIZARRE & Strange Sea Creature Behavior

7 months ago
Isn’t it amazing that it’s far easier to explore what’s happening in deep dark space than it is to truly figure out what’s happening in the deep, dark depths of our oceans? There are so many bizarre and unusual creatures lurking in those depths, and fortunately we do know a little about some of them! Today we’ll have a look at a few deep sea dwellers who display the most unusual behavior.

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9 - On a need to know basis…
And I’m not sure you need to know, because the information is rather disturbing. Thankfully, the goblin shark lives at great depths, so the chances of you ever encountering one are slim to none. A rare quality that this shark has, is that it can protrude its bottom teeth forward at lightning speed. It’s believed the shark does that in order to survive at such depths, and because it’s such a slow swimmer, the fast protruding jaw compensates for the lack of speed elsewhere, enabling the shark to catch its prey.

8 - Walk on by…
Anguilla Eels, also known as European Eels, have the ability to walk on land. I know, it’s a frightening concept, and what’s even scarier is they can reach lengths of 6.5-feet! They live in lakes and waterways but are able to get across land when they need to. They do this in order to feed, and their diet – thank goodness – is insects and earthworms, and they also walk on land to migrate. Migration numbers have dropped drastically due to changes in the landscape, forestry and other factors, and these eels are on the critically endangered list. Environmentalists are trying their best to help the eels arrive at their destination by building ladders or other apparatus, to assist them getting over tricky areas.

7 - Not my best side…
You almost feel sorry for the blobfish, because every photograph of this poor fish out of water is very unflattering! The reason why he looks so “blobby” is that when it’s taken out of the extreme depths where it usually lives, they decompress… like a balloon going flat. Most bony fish have 2 swim bladders, which help with buoyancy. Blobfish don’t have quite the same feature, but rather flesh that’s made out of a gelatinous substance that’s less dense than the water, enabling them to float over the sea floor without expending too much energy.

6 - Hit and miss…
As if this shark wasn’t intriguing just to look at, would you believe their tails are often longer than their bodies! Thresher sharks are warm-blooded creatures who are fortunately not a threat to humans. They use their tails to slap small fish around, stunning them senseless, and then eating them.

5 - Hide and Seek champ…
The juvenile longfin batfish has a little trick up its sleeve in order to survive. These fish live in sea grass, so in order to increase their chance of survival, they pretend to be a leaf floating in the water.

4 - Slip, Slop, Slap…
Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat… well, corals have perfected the second part of the little Aussie rhyme. Coral reefs are extremely delicate and there are all sorts of things threatening them, like warmer oceans, acidic waters, pollution and human interference, so they can’t also have the sun playing havoc with their lives – hence over the years, coral has made a natural sunscreen to protect itself. Scientists are hoping to recreate the corals natural sun protection and bring it into our sun care products that we use.

3 - Cool as a cucumber…
These unattractive sea critters have a lot more going for them than just a squishy body… they have an incredible defense mechanism. They can reach lengths of up to 6.5-feet and when they’re feeling threatened, they eject all their internal organs out from their anus and then regenerate them again later. As revolting as what it sounds, it confuses the predator, giving the cucumber a chance of survival.

2 - We don’t talk anymore…
Lobsters have the most unusual way of communicating with each other, and let’s hope it remains under the water! They pee at each other when they have something to say. They have urine nozzles located under their eyes, which shoots out urine in the direction of the lobster they’re communicating with. What they would be saying to each other is anyone’s guess!


25 BIZARRE & Strange Sea Creature Behavior

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