25 BIGGEST Prehistoric Animals To Have Ever Existed

By : list25 - 7 months ago
You will not believe how big the biggest prehistoric animals were. We already know prehistoric times were full of large animals. But it’s hard to imagine just how big some of these animals were in reality. Well, today you are about to find out. These are the 25 biggest prehistoric animals to ever exist.

You may be tempted to think that dinosaurs were the biggest creatures during prehistoric times. But this is not necessarily true. There were creatures that were, in fact, bigger than dinosaurs. Check out the biggest prehistoric animals (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below what you think would happen if these creatures were alive today:


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Have you heard of the Cotylorhynchus? Most people haven’t. Which is why most people probably don’t know that this creature was the largest predecessor to modern-day turtles and weighed two tons! Then there’s the sarchosuchus. Also known as “Super Croc” these animals would have put modern crocodiles to shame on size comparison. Of course, large animals include dinosaurs, which were some of the most ridiculously large animals to have ever walked the Earth. Take Amphicoelias for example. It could easily tower over a human, a house, or even the tallest animal today. Take a look at the 25 biggest prehistoric animals to ever exist.

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25 BIGGEST Prehistoric Animals To Have Ever Existed