25 AWESOME Facts About Google You'll Be Glad To Know

By : list25 - 8 months ago
Do you want to know some really cool facts about Google? Almost everyone is familiar with this tech giant even if you don’t use their products (which is hard to do). The word “Google” is even used as a verb! To “google” something means to look it up in the internet. Checkout these 25 awesome facts about Google you’ll be glad to know.

Google has had a major impact on the way we use the internet. From Gmail to Google’s search engine, there are a lot of people that depend on this tech giant for their information. It’s a bit scary when you think about it. Check out these awesome facts about Google (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below how you use Google:


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Did you know that Google offers its employees free lunch…every single day? Or how about the fact that new employees are called “Nooglers”. How about this fact: Google’s first computer storage was built out of Legos. By the way, if you like dogs or have a dog you’ll love working for Google. They have a dog policy that allows employees to bring dogs to work. Check out these and other facts on today’s list. These are 25 awesome facts about Google you’ll be glad to know

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25 AWESOME Facts About Google You'll Be Glad To Know