24 Awesome Animals Only Found In The US

By : Epic Wildlife - 4 months ago
If you happen to like the state of Hawaii, you’re in luck. Because this is the first of several critters on our list that are native to the 50th state. The Nene is also called the Hawaiian Goose … which is understandable, since it is a species of goose; and fyi, it is the rarest goose in the world. At one point in the 1950s, its population numbered only 30 individuals. Today, after some successful reintroduction programs, there are an estimated 2,500 birds extant. DId you know the Nene is the state bird of Hawaii.

#18 Alaska Marmot
You’ll find these furry rodents in the Brooks Range in Alaska. Weighing about 4 kilograms, the animals are recognized by their short neck, thick body, powerful legs, and bushy tail. They’re said to be sociable critters, living in colonies that can number up to 50 members. These rodents also have their very own day in Alaska. While February 2 is Groundhog Day for most of the US, it’s actually Marmot Day in Alaska. The idea was to create their own version of Punxsutawney Phil. If you celebrate Marmot Day, tell us about it in the comments.

#17 Pygmy Rattlesnake
This serpent makes its home in the southeastern US, and measure up to about 24 inches long. They are venomous pit vipers, they aren’t considered dangerous to humans. That’s because they produce low quantities of venom … but victims could still experience unpleasant physical effects for several days after being bitten. The temperment of these snakes seems to vary by individual … some are fierce and aggressive, while others simply appear too lethargic to even rattle a warning.

#16 Island Fox
There are 8 Channel Islands of California, that are located in the Pacific Ocean (one of the better known names might be Santa Catalina Island) … and this small fox can be found on six of them. Actually, there are six subspecies that can be found on those six islands, with each animal unique to its island. Experts think they have existed on the archipelago for upwards of 16,000 years. But its geographic isolation has made the animals with no immunity to parasites or diseases carried in from the mainland.

#15 Island Night Lizard
Foxes aren’t the only animals native to California’s Channel Islands. Also on the list is this reptile, which can be found on San Nicolas, Santa Barbara and San Clemente Islands. The can measure more than 3 inches long, and are called ‘night lizards’ because they were once thought to be active only at night (which turned out to be wrong). Rather than laying eggs, these reptiles are viviparous … animals that give birth to live young.

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