22 Ridiculous Things Only The Richest Can Afford

6 months ago
It takes a full bank account to be able to afford the things on this list. If you had endless amounts of money, which of these ridiculous items would you spend it all on?

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11. Names Seen From Space
It’s one thing to buy a star and name it after someone you love. It’s another to get your own name carved onto the Earth so big and so distinctly that satellites can see it from space. We’re talking about the billionaire Shake from the UAE named Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan who had his first name carved onto his private island located in the Persian Gulf back in 2009. It no longer can be seen since it’s been removed, but at one point in history, this totally happened.

10. Their Own E-Commerce Website
Forget about eBay. If you got the money to spend, you use your own space with people financially similar to you--a place like JamesEdition. E-commerce is a great way to purchase things that you can’t get in a physical store. Since eBay and similar websites like to advertise how cheap everything is, businesses like JamesEdition advertise how much everything is and how exclusive. Their website says they “enable buyers to find items...across the luxury lifestyle.”

9. Owning Stocks
Even if you don’t have much money, you could probably buy some stocks. However, it takes a fat wallet to be able to own more expensive ones that will feed your bank account plentifully. The highest stocks in the market include Google, Priceline, Washington Post Company, and the biggest beast of them all, Berkshire Hathaway, owned by none other than Warren Buffet.

8. Renting Luxury Watches
The only time you buy an expensive luxury watch is if you know it’s only going to get more valuable. Some items lose their value over time and in those cases, you rent them. That’s right, if you want to, you can rent a luxury watch for a while just for its style. You join high society watch clubs which let people lease watches if you don’t want to keep it forever.

7. Shipping Their Cars
Most people just rent a car or buy a new car if they’re moving somewhere far or will be on vacation for a prolonged amount of time. Others cannot bear to part with their favorite luxury car for that long. So what they do is get their cars shipped to a different country so that they feel comfortable and in control the way they do at home.

6. Private Hospital Rooms
If you live in a secluded mansion, it might be smarter and not over the top to have a private hospital room in your own house. It’s like back in the day when the doctor visited you. Honestly, if you could afford it, wouldn’t you rather that you didn’t have to leave the house to get well again?

22 Ridiculous Things Only The Richest Can Afford

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