22 FERAL Children Raised As Animals

8 months ago
What happens when we cut ourselves off from human interaction at a young age? How does a human function when they’re not around other humans? These kids we’re talking about were brought up by animals and it’s quite strange to see how much humans can adopt a different lifestyle.

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8. The Runaway Boy
At the age of 4 years old, Ivan Mishukov ran away from his home where he seemed to be experiencing abuse. For refuge, he found a home on the streets, living with a pack of stray dogs after he shared food with them. They became loyal to him, letting him become the pack leader. In turn, the dogs protected him from the cold--and in Moscow, it gets really cold. He lived with canines for two years. To this day, it’s been said that Mishukov has lived a normal life after he came back to living with humans.

7. The Bamberg Boy
This tale goes back to the 1500s. It tells of a little boy, one who lived in Bamberg, Germany. He wasn’t raised by monkeys, by wolves, or by dogs. Instead, the story said he was raised by cattle. There isn’t much else known about the mysterious Bamberg boy, except for he probably ate a lot of grass.

6. Alex The Dog Boy
Once again to modern times, a boy named Alex was found running away from police. He lived with stray dogs and was seen shivering outside in the cold. Police tried to take him in, to which he responded by fleeing. He had a violent demeanor, said to also be inarticulate. It was later found out that this boy from Chile had been abandoned by his 16 year old mother at the age of 5 months. Locals called him “dog boy.”

5. Raised By Dogs
One of the most famous cases of being raised by animals includes the that of Oxana Malaya, who is know 34 years old. Back during her childhood, she grew up with alcoholic parents. Surrounded by dogs where she lived, she started to behave like a dog. As a result, she lacked language skills and adopted the hygiene of a dog. Authorities didn’t realize what was happening to her until she was nearly 8 years old. However, she has since grown up and is able to speak and sayd she wants to be treated like a human being.

4. The Girl Who Disappeared For 40 Years
When it comes to being gone, 40 years is a really long time--and that’s nearly how long Ng Chhaidy had been missing for. SHe’s now 50 years old, though she wasn’t found until she was 42. She had been living in a jungle in India near Myanmar for decades, missing from her small village when she was only 4 years old. Apparently she functions more or less like a normal human being, though she’s been called quite shy.

3. Treated Like A Pet
Now that you’ve gotten this far down the list, have you ever wondered what you would be like if you were raised like these feral kids were raised? Perhaps you should ask someone like Natasha Mikhailova, who was raised as a pet. She was discovered a a 5 year old in 2009, nicknamed “the Mowgli girl” as well. She didn’t even live out in the wild, however. She lived with her father, grandparents, and other relatives--yet she was raised as if she as a pet. Natasha would drink from a bowl on the floor, had a small vocabulary, and would talk in animal noises instead.

2. The Boy Who Lived With Wolves
For 12 years, Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja resided with wolves mostly for company. At the age of about 7 years old, his father sold him to a farmer to be able to help out an old goatherd. After the old man passed away, however, Pantoja was left all alone. He finally returned to human life at the age of 19 and has been back since. Fortunately for him, the goatherd taught him to survive in the wild before he passed, which explains how Pantoja lived for so long in the wilderness.


22 FERAL Children Raised As Animals

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