22 Deadliest Aquatic Apex Predators

12 months ago
From the world’s scariest reptiles … to monster sharks and killer whales … Here are 22 of the world’s deadliest aquatic apex predators

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#13 Humboldt (hum-bolt) Squid
These creatures are some of the largest squids in the oceans, growing more than 8 feet long and weighing around 100 pounds. They known to hunt in shoals (or packs) of more than 1000 individuals. Along with their swarm behavior, each squid has 10 tentacles containing up to 200 suckers lined with razor sharp teeth, which transport prey to their razor sharp beaks. Some of that prey has included humans. The squids have been known to hunt and eat fishermen … which could make for a different type of seafood.

#12 False Gharial (GUH-ree-uhl)
This freshwater crocodilian is known for having one of the most slender snouts within its order. Larger specimens can grow to around 16 feet long and weigh upwards of 450 pounds. Due to the shape of its snout, it was thought the creature’s diet consisted mostly of aquatic prey. But experts now say that the reptiles prey on vertebrates like macaque monkeys, deer, and even cows!

#11 Tiger Shark
So-named for their dark striping, this animal can be found in tropical and temperate waters around the world, often swimming close along the coastline. These apex predators are known for their voracious appetites, and will pretty much take out anything from crustaceans and dolphins to inedible man-made objects … which has inspired the shark to be called a ‘garbage eater’. Growing more than 15 feet long and weighing around 2,000 pounds, these creatures are sometimes considered to be a dangerous shark species to humans.

#10 American Alligator
They’re native to the southeastern US, where they are more commonly known as gators. Adult males can weigh close to 1,000 pounds and measure more than 15 feet long. As apex predators, these critters will hunt down fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. Did you know these gators can tolerate colder temperatures very well. And thanks to that, the American alligator can be found farther from the equator than any other crocodilian.

#9 Leopard Seal
Their only true predator is the Orca … but the leopard seal carries some pretty impressive credentials, known as one of the deadliest predators in Antarctica. Weighing some 1300 pounds and measuring up to 12 feet long, these animals like to feast on their fellow seals in addition to penguins, using fearsome 1- inch-long canines to tear into flesh. Did you know that in the Antarctic, they are second only to the killer whale as the region’s top predator?

#8 Polar Bears
Bears and water may not seem to mix … But because these animals spend so much of their lives at sea, they’re considered marine mammals ... so that qualifies them for our list. And they are considered to be the biggest mammalian terrestrial carnivore, with males weighing some 1500 pounds. They hail from the Arctic Circle where they are that region’s apex predator. Their main food source is seals, which the bear can smell from nearly a mile away … even if its prey is buried underneath several inches of snow.

#7 Sperm Whale
Weighing on average over 125,000 pounds, and measuring up to 67 feet long, these are the world’s largest toothed predators. They can be found just about anywhere in the open ocean. A staple of their diet tends to be medium sized squid. But it seems any size of squid is good for these mammoth mammals … because they prey on giant squid and colossal squid as well. Did you know that female sperm whales can put away up to 800 squid each day, while males settle for around half of that.

#6 Nile Crocodile
Next to the saltwater crocodile, this is considered to be the world’s second largest extant reptile. Found in Africa, this beast favors freshwater habitats, but it can also survive in saltwater. It’s a cagey apex predator that is renowned for its patience … the Nile croc will lie in wait for up to weeks at a time, waiting for the exact moment to take down its prey. When it’s time to strike, the animal’s sharp teeth and powerful jaws clamp down with a grip that’s almost impossible to break.

22 Deadliest Aquatic Apex Predators

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