21 STRANGEST Things That Happened At Walmart

9 months ago
For those of you without Walmart in your countries, just know you’re missing out on a bunch of pros and cons. For those of you that have gone to Walmart, these stories may seen strange, but not at all out of the ordinary when it comes to Wally World.

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9. The Closed Bathroom
It’s inconvenient, but sometimes the public bathroom has to be closed for maintenance or cleaning. One woman decided she could not deal with the inconvenience and decided to inconvenience the Walmart staff instead. When the bathroom was closed for cleaning,
one customer apparently went over to the infant clothing area and defecated there. Due to her hiding her face from the security cameras, she was never able to be apprehended.

8. The Woman On The Dog Leash
Now we move over to a Walmart in Florida, where you know something strange would go on. Strange as in, a woman came into the store with a dog leash around her neck, barking at everything as she was lead through the store by two older men. Various people approached the young woman to ask if she needed any help, but apparently she replied only in barks.

7. Toys Everywhere
Anytime you have a store this big, you need to keep an eye on the kids because places like Walmart have huge toy sections, too. If you’ve ever been to Walmart, then you’ve definitely seen those cage cases that hold those huge bouncy balls. At one Walmart, a group of children would take the bouncy balls and try to throw it over the shelves to the other aisle. Not only did they take skateboards and move about the store, they would also throw items into the carts of other shoppers.

6. The Customers In Full Costume
More often than not, if there’s a place people feel comfortable walking into full costume without any explanation or context, it’s Walmart. A man in a gorilla suit shopped like he would in regular clothes. Security had to tell him to remove the mask for safety reasons. A different man showed up in a clown outfit and bloody makeup and proceeded to look down the food aisles. You just never know what characters you’ll bump into and that’s half the fun.

5. Man Bitten By Rattlesnake
Those were the headlines in regards to Mica Craig and one of his visitors to Wally World in 2012. At a store in Clarkston, Washington, Craig walked through the garden section and bent down to stick from the mulch only to be bitten by a rattlesnake. A different customer found him on the ground, with the rattlesnake he stomped on beside him. He was fine after being rushed to the hospital and treated. Walmart apologized, yet could not explain why there was a rattlesnake in the store.

4. The Price Match Man
Remember that woman who got away with hundreds of dollars of groceries with her photocopied coupons? One man went a few steps further than that. See at Walmart, they offer price matching so that you can get your item for the low price another place offered the same item. Someone decided to take advantage of this and made his own advertisements to get the discount. The cashier knew what was up and called the manager, the ordeal resulting in the man never allowed to come back to the Walmart.

3. The People Of Walmart
Technically, all the people you see at Walmart are the people of Walmart--it’s a diverse group. However, let’s talk about the real people of Walmart, the ones that only come late at night, the ones that look so bizarre, there’s just no explaining a sight like that. The popular entertainment website “People of Walmart” features all the strange characters you’ll come across and perhaps never even interact with. People like this girl who shows up covered in marker, a hair that’s never seen a brush, a crop top that reveals more marker markings, and a cigarette. We did say “no explanations.”

2. The Haunted Basket
There’s haunted houses, haunted libraries, haunted caves, and haunted forests...but a haunted basket? How exactly does a restless ghost get itself stuck in that situation? A customer arrived to tell the employees she needed to return the basket--normal enough. She then proceeds to explain that the basket was haunted and that she could not possibly keep it--her explanation being that a photograph of the basket showed an electrical frequency, which we all know means “ghost.”


21 STRANGEST Things That Happened At Walmart

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