21 Most INCREDIBLE Home Locations

7 months ago
The world has many weird and wonderful homes and also some beautiful ones too. Here we take a look at the 21 of the most incredible, from homes that are on cliffs, to ones that are on the water and everything in between.

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8 – The weird and quirky Amsterdam
The houses are shaped like this in Amsterdam as people got charged for the amount of land that they built their houses on. Just like the reason that buildings are high in New York, except these are people’s homes and not office buildings. There are hooks on the top of the houses so that people can actually get furniture up and into their houses without using the tight stairwells! The small houses don’t leave a lot of space and all those stairs must surely be bad for your knees!

7 – Never grow up
Every little kid wants a treehouse and only some people ever get them. If they can, then it’s usually like the one in the Simpsons where it barely stays up. This though is every kids fantasy coming true, it takes the simple treehouse idea and makes it into a beautiful liveable home. While it may seem like a little slice of perfection, I’m sure you’d soon get tired of the lack of space and having to get up and down those ladders!

6 – A real-life Hobbit
If it wasn’t for the window panes you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the home of the famous hobbits. It is in fact a working home which probably benefits from very low energy bills due to the immense amount of insulation! It fits in perfectly with the landscape and blends into the surrounding hills. This would be the perfect home for any Lord of the Rings enthusiast or simply anyone looking to hide away from the world.

5 – Want to spend a night in the crazy house?
This building looks like it could be a haunted house at a theme park, but it’s actually a guesthouse in Vietnam where you can go and stay. It’s affectionately known as the ‘crazy house’ and you can see why. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s certainly unique and the insides are equally as eerie. If you’re the type that often has nightmares, then it might be best finding somewhere else to stay!

4 – Don’t look down!
When most people walk out of their front door, they are faced with a drive or a garden. If these houses had a front door then you’d find yourself dropping straight into the ocean. This I’m sure these houses provide stunning views in any weather, I don’t think many people would feel too comfortable about living on a cliff! Any more erosion and you’d literally be swimming with the fishes! Thankfully though these houses are made on solid ground, but you still wouldn’t want to live there if you had any fear of heights.

3 – A house that floats
One negative about living next to the water is either that your house could fall in if you’re living on a cliff or that your house could flood if you’re living on a river. One way to get around that would be to actually make your house float! This is a floating village where you’d never have to worry about those problems. Whether you’d actually like to live on the water in such a small house though is another matter. For these people though, they don’t have much of a choice and have found their home on the water.

2 – The perfect luxury
Some people are that rich that they can simply pick and choose what they want their houses to look like. Some go for huge cinema rooms and massive bedrooms, while others go for amazing pools. Pools don’t come much more stunning as this one as it’s a perfect water nirvana where you could get away from the world and relax under the sun. The long pool is a flawless piece of paradise.


21 Most INCREDIBLE Home Locations

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