20 Times The Duggar Kids Rebelled Against Jim Bob's Rules

By : TheTalko - 5 months ago
Strict rules the Duggar kids have broken.
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If you thought your parents had a lot of rules, wait until you hear about the long list of things that the Duggar kids are forbidden to do. Jim Bob has laid down the law, but that doesn’t mean that his kids always follow his strict rules. We’ll show you some times when these rebellious kids decided that rules are meant to be broken. Jinger is known for breaking the dress code by showing off her knees, but Jill’s controversial choice in literature caused quite a stir online. Not only did Josiah court two different women, but he got a social media account before he was officially engaged. Joseph broke his parents hearts by attending college ten hours away from his family, and Joy-Ana dared to give lingering side hugs before marriage. Let us know whether or not you think that these rules were meant to be broken or not in the comment section. Then, hit subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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