20 Things Millennials DO That Baby Boomers DON'T

8 months ago
Millennials get made fun of a lot by the older demographic. In turn, there’s a lot of things our parents do that don’t make sense to the younger generation anymore. Let’s take a look at some of those differences and see which ones you do, too.

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8. The Newest Fashions
That brings us to fashion. Ever since clothes became a thing, we have been judging each other’s clothes. With your presence on social media, people are looking at what you’re wearing more than ever. Baby boomers might even post photos of their outfits, too--but how much do you want to bet that those posts aren’t filled with hashtags of the brands they’re wearing followed with the obligatory “# O O T D.”

7. Living With Roommates
When it comes to parents of millennials, the idea of roommates is limited to mostly your mid-twenties when you need the help financially when moving out of your parents’ house. Yet millennials are showing that you can be over 30 years old and it’s still okay to live with roommates, especially with the economy. With adults getting married later in life or even married couples renting rooms out, it seems the idea of living with roommates isn’t limited to just young, single people. Even people with higher paying jobs may still want to roommate so that they can save their money for other things.

6. Working For Travel
Speaking of saving money, one of the biggest priorities for a majority of millennials is to travel. What other pictures are you going to fill your Instagram profile and Facebook photos with? On a less sarcastic note, experiencing other cultures and being more wordly has become a huge part of youth culture, especially in America. Back in the baby boomer days, you went to school, maybe partied a bit during college, graduated, worked, and had a family who you went on vacations sometimes. Now, travelling with friends or on your own has become more popular. Plus, with things like AirBnb making lodging for affordable than hotels, travelling is more accessible to even those with a smaller budget to work with.

5. Movies The Kids Are Watching
We don’t see as many Rom-Coms in theaters the way we used to during the 80s up to the 2000s. Instead, what’s taken over the box office are comic book movies, shared universe or franchise movies, remakes and reboots, and last but not least: weird, artsy movies. When seeing Oscar-contender type films, you’ll notice that the audience in the movie theater are either really young people or really old people, with the in-between demographic closer to our parents’ age usually missing.

4. Selfies
The art of taking a selfie can be a complicated one, contrary to what your parents might tell you when you’re trying to take a selfie but the rest of your family have already started walking away. Makeup, like we said before, factors in big time when it comes to taking a selfie and posting it on social media. Your contour must not look ridiculous, the lighting needs to be perfect, and you need to figure out the right face to make before you press the “take photo” button. This culture might seem bizarre to older people, but at least this dad tried his hand at what his son goes through when trying to take the perfect selfie.

3. The Foodie Life
Posting pictures of what you ate that day is also commonplace on social media. Some may scoff at you raising your iPhone or Canon camera over your table to take a picture of that kitschy and cute arrangement of toast the waiter just delivered to you. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how eating at all the cool places doesn’t make a lot of popular vloggers fat since working out is also so popular? Surely there’s a good message in there somewhere. In a study by Maru/Matchbox, about 69% of millennials take pictures or videos of their food before they eat.

2. Millennials Vs Food Chains
You might have remembered those news articles a few months back that accused millennials of killing food chains in the nature of Applebee’s, TGI Fridays, and Buffalo Wild Wings. These casual dining chains just aren’t bringing in a certain age demographic--but why? It seems many millennials opt for cooking at home since it’s much cheaper and will limit going out to eat when it involves more trendy eating establishments.


20 Things Millennials DO That Baby Boomers DON'T

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