20 Strict Rules Melania Trump MUST Follow

11 months ago
List of rules the First Lady Melania Trump absolutely needs to follow.
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When you first think about being the First Lady, it may seem like a dream job. Except it’s one that doesn’t offer a salary, but does have a long list of rules that must be followed. We’ll let you know about some of the strict duties that Melania Trump is expected to complete because of her husband Donald Trump. The history of First Ladies in the White House is complex and has undergone quite the evolution to get to where it is now. From hosting foreign dignitaries, to throwing an annual holiday party, it’s no wonder that Melania Trump is in the spotlight so much. After learning more about the Office of the First Lady, do you think it’s a job you could ever do? Let us know if you think this honorary role would be worth it, or if you’d rather pass. Then, click on the subscribe button to get access to all of the latest videos from us here at TheTalko.

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20 Strict Rules Melania Trump MUST Follow

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