20 EPIC Hairless Creatures !

1 year ago
From hairless dogs and cats and rats; to follicle challenged lions and apes; Here are 20 Epic Creatures without Hair!

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#6 Sphynx Cats
You can identify these felines by several prominent physical traits: Large ears and eyes, muscular bodies, and a near-complete lack of hair. They gained that trait through a selective breeding process that began in the 1960s … and their skin reflects the color of what their fur would be, along with normal cat markings like solid, van, or calico. Contemporary Sphynx cats are also referred to as the Canadian Sphynx. Other popular breeds include the Peterbald and the Don Sphynx, which is unrelated to the Canadian breed.

#5 Xolo (zoh-loh)
That’s a short version of the dog’s proper name was is ‘Xoloitzcuintli’ (zoh-loh-eets-KWEENT-lee) … which is as close as I’m gonna get. In many countries it’s more commonly referred to as the Mexican Hairless Dog. The breed is thought to date back some 3,500 years, and was considered sacred by the Aztec and other groups … they viewed the animals as guardians that would repel evil spirits and intruders. DId you know these dogs were among the first breeds recorded by the American Kennel Club in 1887?

#4 Red Uakari (wah-KAHR-ee)
Also known as the Bald Uakari, for reasons you can figure out for yourself. Coming up, we’ll tell you about an ape that lost his hair to the disease of alopecia. But these monkeys from the Amazon River Basin are bald by virtue of genetics. And they actually do have some long hair … it’s that none of it grows on their head! The hairless red noggin provides for a startlingly surreal image, and results from the lack of pigmentation, along with blood vessels that are located close to their skin.

#3 Plucked Over
Did you know there really is a bird known as a Bald Parrot, which is native to the Amazon in Brazil? The low feathering and bare skin on its noggin inspired the name. But let’s show you a different type of bald parrot. It almost looks like the bird’s feathers have been scorched off of its skin. This bird’s raw, bald look isn’t due to genetics though. It’s the result of excessive preening by its mate. Or, another way of saying that this parrot’s mate really plucked it over!

#2 Kung Fu Rabbit
When pictures of this critter went viral a few years back, a lot of people thought it bore a resemblance to Mr Miyagi from the “Karate Kid” movies. To be fair, the mostly hairless rabbit does look like it would be at home in some sort of kung fu movie, what with his wizened look and sage mustache/goatee. It could even pass for a Jedi if you gave it robes and a light saber. But it’s really just a normal rabbit that took a little longer for its fur to grow in. Once it did, Miyagi-san was easily lost in the crowd.

And before getting to the number one hairless critter, let’s take a moment to remind you that if you have any comments or suggestions, just leave them down below. While researching this episode, we found some interesting creatures that were not entirely hairless … but they’re still worth a look. Have you ever heard of a bald lion? The Tsavo (SAH-voh) Lion is an unusual type of big cat, in that the males possess a very smooth pelt….. But they generally do not have a mane. Experts think the condition might be an adaptation to their environment, or the result of producing too much testosterone … interestingly, that reason has also been cited as one of the causes of male pattern baldness in humans. Could there be a connection … or are we splitting hairs?

By the way, we mentioned that there are 4 officially recognized hairless dog breeds … but we only mentioned 3 earlier. Here’s the canine we unintentionally omitted … The American Hairless Terrier is a rare breed that was originally a variant of the rat terrier. They’re said to be a favorite choice among allergy sufferers … and have a rep for being feisty and friendly.

#1 The Naked Ape
Like a lot of animals (including humans), Great Apes can experience the effects of alopecia which causes hair loss. In the case of one chimp, his baldness helped to make him a star attraction at the Mysore (my-SORE) Zoo in India. Guru was a 20-year-old chimpanzee whose hair loss revealed a muscular definition that looked extremely human-like … in other words, a lot of visitors through the ape looked pretty well ripped. Veterinarians weren’t exactly how or when Guru’s alopecia first appeared … but not unlike humans, it might have been connected to extreme stress. Unlike a lot humans, though, guru didn’t stress over his hair loss!

20 EPIC Hairless Creatures !

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