19 Most Dangerous Animals in Asia

1 year ago
From … deadly sharks and snakes, to crocodiles and even more snakes … Here are 19 of the most dangerous Animals in Asia

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#7 Asian Elephant
These animals originated in sub-Saharan Africa, and can now be found in Southeast Asia, from India to Borneo. Smaller than its African cousin, the Asian elephant can reach about 9 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh almost 4.5 (short) tons (8800 pounds). Normally these big creatures tend to have a shy and retiring disposition. But there are times when they can potentially lose control and pose a potential hazard to humans. Male elephants will experience ‘musth’ … a seasonal hormonal change where their testosterone levels can jump 60 times higher than normal. That makes the bulls aggressive, and dangerous not only to humans, but to elephants and other animals as well. Meanwhile, solitary rogue elephants are are known to make unprovoked attacks on passersby. In one village, a rogue bull killed 27 people over a six-month period.

#6 Bull Shark
Larger specimens can measure some 11 feet long and weigh close to 700 pounds, , they can survive in freshwater or saltwater environments. Known for their aggressive nature, they tend to favor shallow coastal waters … which can lead to interactions with humans. In India, they’ve been known to navigate up the Ganges River and attack bathers there. Because they are known to favor populated locations, have little tolerance for provocation, and have a territorial nature, some experts say this animal might pose the biggest threat to humans of all shark species. They can be found in the Indian Ocean, from India to the Philippines

#5 Fattail Scorpion
One of the deadliest species of scorpion, this arachnid can be found in India … as well as ranging through arid regions of the Middle East and Africa. Although they are a moderately sized 4 inches long, they have a lethal sting. Administered by the fat tail for which it is named, the scorpion’s venom contains potent neurotoxins which are especially fast acting. Death caused by respiratory paralysis can occur within hours. While an effective antivenom has been developed, several human fatalities are still reported every year.

#4 Saltwater Crocodile
Chances are, you’re quicker to identify the salties with Australia … but the scary reptiles make their presence known throughout most of Southeast Asia as well. As you might know, this is the world’s largest extant reptile as well as the largest riparian (rie-PARE-ee-un) predator on the planet. Growing more than 20 feet long and weighing more than 2,500 pounds they can take down almost any critter that invades its territory, including sharks. That size and aggression serves to make the salties (along with the Nile crocodile), the crocodilians (kroka-dill-ee-uns) that pose the most danger to humans.

#3 King Cobra
Here’s one of those fearsome animals that everyone recognizes. Ranging from India and throughout Southeast Asia, larger specimens have measured over 19 feet long, giving it the title of the longest venomous snake in the world. After biting their prey, the snakes will swallow it whole, thanks to the reptile’s pliable jaws. When confronted, the cobra will bare its fangs and create a hissing noise. Thanks to its length, the animal can strike from a long distance … and can deliver several bites during a strike. It venom contains a toxin that disrupts the central nervous system and result in paralysis … or in extreme cases, coma and death.

#2 Common Krait
Found in the jungles of the subcontinent, it’s infamous for inflicting the greatest number of snake bites on humans in India. Those encounters are most likely to occur at night, since the reptiles are nocturnal. The venom contains a powerful neurotoxin that can result in respiratory failure (or suffocation). If left untreated, the victim could die within 5 hours.

#1 Asian Giant Hornet
Identified as the largest hornet in the world, this insect has a wingspan of about 3 inches, and is about the size of an adult thumb. It’s stinger measures about a quarter of an inch, and injects a nasty, powerful venom. It contains a chemical cocktail that can cause severe pain, multiple organ failure and skin hemorrhaging. If you’re allergic to the venom, the risk of fatality increases greatly. In 2013, these insects killed more than 40 people and injured more than 1,600 people in Shaanxi (SHON-shee), China.

19 Most Dangerous Animals in Asia

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