19 Foods That Originally Looked TOTALLY Different

8 months ago
We are so used to seeing our regular fruits and vegetables in the shop, it’s hard to imagine them looking like anything else. We have our juicy red tomatoes, yellow bananas and crunchy orange carrots. And that’s just the fresh produce, even our animals that we consume have changed drastically over time and the way we consume food has altered so much in the past 40-years! Today we have a look at so many things that have changed over the course of time

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9 - Such a peach…
The peach that we know of today did not exist 4,000 years ago when peaches first came on to the scene. They used to be small, almost like a cherry, with very little flesh. They were domesticated around 4,000 BC by the ancient Chinese and were salty and a little earthy tasting – described to taste a bit like a lentil. The skin was waxy and the pip huge. Thank goodness farmers took the time to make them bigger, juicier, sweeter and tastier!

8 - As gentle as a lamb…
Have you ever heard of a Mouflon? Apparently, this animal still exists somewhere in the mountains of northern and eastern Iraq, and most parts of Iran and Armenia. It’s from the Mouflon that our modern sheep have come from! They have a reddish-brown coat, are short-haired and look similar to a mountain goat. People began domesticating these animals around 10,000-years ago! It took many thousands of years before the use of the animal’s wool could be done with confidence, and of course meat and milk came too.

7 - Strawberry fields forever…
The Beatles sure knew what they were singing about… nothing better than a strawberry field filled with the delicious fruit! Wild strawberries first got a mention in ancient Roman literature for it’s medicinal uses, but the strawberry as we know it today was cultivated in Brittany, France, sometime in the late 18th century. Strawberries were once used to treat depressive illnesses. The original strawberry wasn’t nearly as big or as sweet and didn’t even have the same sweet smell we’re accustomed to today.

6 - TV ready…
When it comes to convenience, you can’t get much better than a microwave meal, also known as TV dinners! Sales of these meals have doubled since the 80’s, and the variety we have to choose from has also increased considerably. They generally contain one serving and are heated up quickly in your microwave. The word TV dinner is actually trademarked, although it’s become the universal accepted term for these quick and easy meals.

5 - Tree hugger…
A popular fruit around the world, apples have been around forever! The apple hasn’t changed too much in terms of looks, but the taste has evolved a great degree. Some reports suggest apples came from Asia, others say from Eastern Europe, what we do know is that they were smaller and more bitter. Henry VII was said to love apples and would pay huge sums for individual apples. Catherine the Great had such a love for Pippin apples that she had them delivered to Russia, each one individually wrapped in silver paper!

4 - Creature of habit…
Having a look at how things have changed in terms of our daily eating habits, and it can be said across the board that most of our grandparents had very strict routines when it came to when and where they ate. It was quite typical for a family to have a set breakfast, lunch and dinner time and it was always, always at the dinner table. Some reports suggest that this is the reason why waistlines were slimmer 50 – 80-years ago. These days we skip breakfast, eat on the run, down copious amounts of coffee… things that our grandparents would never have been exposed to.

3 - Small potatoes…
Potatoes have been around forever and thank goodness for that! Where would we be without chips, mashed potato and good old-fashioned roast potatoes? It’s the world’s fourth largest food crop and comes from the Inca Indians in Peru sometime between 8,000 and 5,000 BC. The Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru in 1536 and took the humble potato back to Europe. Native potatoes in South America are known to grow in all sorts of shapes, colors and textures. That’s really the main difference in the potatoes as we tend to stick to the plain types available. But perhaps in time we will have all the colors available in our supermarkets.

2 - Farm food…
Meat, eggs and dairy in the “good old days” were either delivered to your door, or you had your own animals providing you with life’s essentials right in your back garden. Things like growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified feed were never given to animals. We’re certainly at a disadvantage these days, unless you’re buying straight from the famer!


19 Foods That Originally Looked TOTALLY Different

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