17 Terrifying Creatures Mistaken For Dinos

10 months ago
From monster marine reptiles … to amphibians more than 30 feet long … Here are 17 terrifying creatures mistaken for dinosaurs

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#13 Euparkeria
Fossils of these creatures have led experts to believed they had a limited capability to walk bipedally. That’s based on the creature’s hind limbs being a shorter than its forelimbs. It existed during the Triassic period, around 245 million years ago in what is now South Africa. Meaning that this little lizard was around well before the time that dinosaurs evolved in the Ladinian Age.
It’s described as having a lean body, a long tail, and a mouth filled with little needle sharp teeth.
Very small, it only measured about 21 inches in length so it’s the most miniscule critter on the list … but it would give rise to some huge animals. Classified as an Archosaur, it belonged to a group that included extinct non-avian dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and crocodilian relatives that died out.

#12 Glyptodon (glip-TUH-don) (2000 pounds)
Have you ever considered driving a prehistoric mammal? If that sounds like something from out of The Flintstones, consider this: Glyptodon was a mammal that lived around 2.5 million years ago … and was the approximate size of a Volkswagen Beetle. It had squat legs, and a rounded carapace that kind of made it resemble a turtle. But it was actually a forerunner of armadillos, and is also related to anteaters. That shell was heavily armored with bony scutes … and they also had a heavy, armored tail that they could have swung like a baseball bat.

#11 Inostrancevia
These beasts were known as Gorgonopsids (gor-guhn-ops-ids) … a group characterized by their long saber tooth canines. These were the largest of the lot, measuring nearly 12 feet long, with those teeth growing nearly 6 inches long. About the size of a bear, it was fast and vicious killing machine capable of taking down larger prey. They lived before the dinosaurs around 260 million years ago during the late Permian … and were mostly found in northern Russia.

#10 Basilosaurus
Measuring about the size of a small ship at close 60 feet long, it’s easy to see why these immense prehistoric cetaceans were initially mistaken for dinosaurs. A clue to that mistake is in their very name, ‘Basilosaurus’, which translates to King Lizard. In fact, these creatures were mammals … and considered to be the ancestor of modern day whales and porpoises. Weighing an estimated 60 tons, experts say these marine mammals would have had a bite force of 3,600 pounds per square inch (PSI). Did you know Basilosaurus was one largest known creatures that managed to survive the K-T Extinction Event some 66 million years ago?

#9 Prionosuchus
Fossils of this creature have been found in Brazil, and have been dated to the Middle Permian period, about 270 million years ago. With an estimated length of some 30 feet, the length of its skull alone measured more than 5 feet. No wonder why experts say this is probably the largest amphibian that ever existed. It likely had a crocodilian appearance, very similar to the gharial ... with a long, tapered snout, a long body with short legs, sharp teeth, and a tail adapted for navigating the water. Chances are, it too was an ambush predator that fed of fish and other aquatic animals. It belonged to a group of animals that occupied the ecological niche of alligators and crocodiles during the Permian.

17 Terrifying Creatures Mistaken For Dinos

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