17 Surprising Human Like Behaviors in Animals

1 year ago
From super smart chimps … to insects that are master builders … Here are (17) Surprising Human-like Animal Behaviors

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#5 Home Sweet Home
One basic need humans have is shelter … and that’s something we shared with the Veined Octopus. It’s a cephalopod found in tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, and is only around 6 inches long including the arms. And it gets its name from a color pattern with dark lines that resemble veins. It’s known for walking bipedally, and for creating its own type of mobile shelter. The creature uses coconut half-shells for this purpose. When it’s time to move on, the octopus grabs the coconut shells with its stiff legs, stacks them like bowls, and transports them to a new location on the ocean floor.

#4 Termite Mounds
We mentioned the Veined Octopus and its ability to create shelter from a coconut shell. But termites are known as some pretty impressive builders, too, so we’ll give them a shout out here. These insects are responsible for some incredibly intricate mounds. Depending on the species, the structures can display pinnacles, chimneys, and ridges. They’re not only impressive to look at, but are also engineered to assist thermoregulation … allowing temperatures inside the mound to remain cool while it’s scorching outside. They can be huge as well, according to our sources, the largest termite mound on record was found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo … and measured 42 feet tall!

#3 Primal Instinct
It’s not unusual for animals to come to the defense of one another, certainly when it involves a mother protecting her young. But the animals involved with that behavior usually belong to the same species. It would be a but outside the norm to see monkeys, for example rushing in to defend another, non-primate, species like a rodent. That’s why the picture of a monkey holding a large stick and confronting a huge snake caught our eye. The snake is coiled around what appears to be a rodent, as the monkey seems ready to do battle. Was the monkey friends with the rodent? That would make for an inspirational story of one animal species protecting another. Or was this some digital manipulation, or Photoshop shenanigan? Let us know what you think about all this in the comments!

#2 Contract Killer
Maybe you’ve read stories about how a hit man was hired from somewhere on the Deep Web. Well, this is a similar type of story, except it didn’t involve the Deep Web … but it did involve a few orangutans in Borneo in 2016. Scientists say a female orangutan “hired” a male to take out an older, rival female. The aggression was especially unusual, given that orangutans are mostly known for being docile creatures. But the two females apparently had a bad history between them. The younger one associated with the male, who spied on the rival … and apparently recruited him as her partner in crime. When the rival was confronted by the male and his client, the two mauled the older female, who later died from her injuries. Researchers say that the male was compensated for his complicity with mating time from the younger female … and it was the first time a male orangutan was used as a ‘hired gun’ to attack a victim.

#1 Language
We use language to communicate ideas, wants and needs … and that includes verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. Animals including whales and birds have been documented with the ability to identify objects, names or actions by using sounds that could be construed as types of words. Orcas are said to imitate human speech. And of course apes have been taught sign language. In the case of Washoe, the female chimp learned to sign more than 350 American Sign Language words … from which she could form new words and sentences. She even taught her son how to sign.

17 Surprising Human Like Behaviors in Animals

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