16 Awesome Animals with Amazing Armor

1 year ago
From rhinos, fish and crocodiles; to porcupines, lizards and armadillos; Here are 16 awesome animals with amazing armor

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#5 Snakes
Like many of their fellow reptiles, snakes have their own type of scale armor. The protective covering allows them to slither over surfaces that are hot or rough -- or both. Their scales are the result of layers of cells that are stacked one atop another. The top layer protects the ones underneath. Did you know that snakes have no eyelids? Instead, have transparent scales that cover their eyes, to protect them from harm. You could say they have armored eyes!

#4 Rhinos
They’re some of the largest mammals on the planet … and are known for physical characteristics like their horns and thick, protective skin. While all rhinos have the armor like epidermis, only one species actually looks like it could be wearing armor. The one-horned Indian Rhinoceros is a big beast, weighing more than 7,000 pounds. And the deep folds of its skin give the hide a segmented appearance … making it look like natural body armor. Supple skin between the thick plates allows them to shift as the animal moves.

#3 Armadillo
You know this animal for its behavior of rolling up into a ball to protect itself from predators. But while all species of armadillos have protective bony plates, only one species actually rolls up into a ball. The Three Banded Armadillo of South America is known to rely heavily on its armor to protect itself. It won’t run away or fight. Its armor rolls up and snaps shut, similar to a trap, and completely encloses the animal. Once the predator has departed, the armadillo moves on about its business. In all, two species of the three banded armadillo exhibit this ability … other species have too many plates to assume the position. So most of them will simply run away when threatened. Did you know that in Spanish, ‘armadillo’ means, “little armored one”?

#2 Offensive Armor
While doing our research, we found that armor is not only defined as a means of defensive protection. Armor can also be used in an offensive capacity … that is, as a way for the animal to take the fight to its aggressor. With that in mind, you probably wouldn’t expect to see animals like birds or deer on this sort of list. But those animals provide for some examples of Offensive Armor, which they can use to attack their attackers.. So, animals like Rhinos have defensive armor, like their hides … but their offensive armor is provided by their horns. In the case of birds, their beaks and talons would serve as offensive armor. And with the largest talons of any living eagle (in addition to its beak), the Harpy Eagle would be pretty well armored. The offensive armor of deer would include their hooves and antlers … the Moose is the largest member of the deer family with sharp, pointed hooves and big, planklike antlers they can use to discourage unwanted aggressors. Did you know those antlers can spread more than 80 inches … and can weigh more than 75 pounds! Can you think of more examples of offensive armor?

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#1 Pangolin
They’re often confused with armadillos, and some people think they resemble an anteater that decided to throw on some armor. But unlike armadillos, all extant species of pangolins will roll up into a protective ball, using their plate-like scales to protect themselves.. This prehistoric-looking critter is thought to be the only mammal on earth that’s covered in scales made of keratin, and resemble chain mail. They grow to about 39 inches long and live in Asia and Africa. And even though they resemble anteaters and armadillos, they’re not related to either animal. New evidence indicates that pangolins are more closely related to the Carnivora, which includes bears and wolves. Along with its distinctive scales, these animals are also known for another distinction … that of being the world’s most trafficked mammal. Experts say that more than 100,000 of them are captured in Asia and Africa each year.

16 Awesome Animals with Amazing Armor

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