15 Disney Princess Outfits Reimagined In Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer

By : TheTalko - 3 months ago
15 Realistic Disney Princess Outfits Changed In Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer
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Of course we’re excited to see old pals Ralph and Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph 2. But there’s no denying we’re also waiting with bated breath to see our favorite Disney princesses hanging out together in one room. We recently got to see some of their casual wear outfits, and we just can’t get enough. Mulan sticks out as possibly the most stylish of them all, but Snow White picked out some undeniably hardcore pajamas. Elsa may win for funniest t-shirt, but her sister Anna is no slouch in that department either. When getting ready for a sleepover, it seems like Cinderella thankfully ditched the glass slippers in favor of something practical. Which one of these Disney princesses are you most excited to see in the latest Wreck-It Ralph movie? Tell us in the comment section and then hit the subscribe button to get more videos from TheTalko.

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15 Disney Princess Outfits Reimagined In Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer

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