15 Ancient Mysterious Human Ancestors

1 year ago
From Neanderthals still living with us … to the largest primate ever ... Here are 15 mysterious human ancestors

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#11 Ardi
That’s short for ‘Ardipithecus’, which refers to the fossilized remains of a creature thought to be a primitive human-like female anthropoid. It was found in Ethiopia in 1994. At 4.4 million years old, it’s the most complete early hominid specimen, including most of the skull, hands and feet. With a estimated height of 4 feet, sh would have weighed about 110 pounds. And she would have had some human-like traits, including a bipedal walk, along with opposable thumbs and big toes which would have helped with tree climbing. Evidence suggests that while she was in the trees she moved like a quadruped, but could walk upright while on the ground. It’s considered a significant discovery regarding human evolution, although it’s still not known if Ardi’s species actually developed into Homo sapiens.

#10 Lucy
Formally known as AL 288-1, this refers to the skeleton of a female hominin which was found in the Awash (uh-WASH) Valley of Ethiopia in 1974. The specimen was dated at around 3.2 million years old, and represents about 40 percent of the skeleton. Because the creature had a small skull, but was thought to walk upright bipedally, experts say that supports the human evolution theory that an increase in brain size was preceded by bipedalism. Based on a reconstruction, Lucy would have stood 3.7 feet tall (1.1 m) and weighed around 64 pounds (29 kg), and resembled a chimpanzee. Lucy’s story caught the public interest, and she went on to worldwide fame. In addition to books, Lucy was promoted in many tours that included the famous fossil assembly and assorted artifacts. Did you know that Lucy’s name was inspired by the Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?”

#9 Paranthropus
The members of this extinct genus are typically characterized by a robust physique, which include several gorilla-like traits, like powerful jaw muscles and broad, herbivorous teeth. Its fossils were discovered in 1938 in South Africa, and indicated it would have appeared about 2.7 million years ago. Most of them were solidly built, and stood under 5 feet tall.Their hips, legs and feet would have been similar to those of modern humans, and indicate that they walked bipedally. But experts say that they were not so resourceful, or as adaptable to a changing climate as were other hominins. And that played a key role in their extinction.

15 Ancient Mysterious Human Ancestors

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