14 STRANGEST Snails In the WORLD

11 months ago
From small deadly gastropods … to enormous ancient mollusks … Here are 14 of the strangest Snails in the world

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#9 Cowry
THis is a common name for marine gastropod mollusks that can be found in sizes from small to large. They’re notable for the shape of their shell, which kind of resembles and egg … except for it being flat underneath. Their translucent look has been compared to porcelain … and in fact the word ‘porcelain’ is taken from ‘Porcellana’, the Italian name for the shells of these animals. Did you known that historically, their shells have been used as currency in certain parts of the world? The Cowry shell was the shell most often used for trade … and this so-called ‘shell money’ played a vital role in trading routes from Africa to East Asia. The shells were also used extensively in the past for jewelry and ceremonial functions … and that practice continues today.

#8 Giant Triton Snail
This critter goes by a number of colorful names … including the Hairy Trumpet Snail. But whatever you want to call it, this animal is a marine gastropod mollusk and a predatory sea snail. The shells of the creatures can often resemble sea shells … in fact, another one of their names is ‘Triton’s Trumpet’, which refers to a seashell horn used by the Greek god Triton. While these creatures my not have shells as big as Triton’s, they can still reach an impressive size …, with lengths reaching more than half a meter (20 inches). As active predators, they’re known to go after starfish and other molluscs. It’s actually gained some notoriety for preying on the crown of thorns starfish in particular. That species of starfish can grow to about 1 meter in diameter, and is covered in venomous spines about 1 inch in length. But the Giant Triton Snail has no worries about capturing and eating that animal.

#7 Scaly Foot Gastropod
This critter is a little different from others on our list. While it is a marine gastropod mollusc, these snails are found in the deep seas, around hydrothermal vents. They’re native to the Indian Ocean, where they’re been located more than 1.5 miles below the surface (2800m). Thanks to those crushing depths, the snail has a shell that is exceptionally well-armored, with three layers … the outermost of which is composed of iron sulfides. In fact, experts say that this is the only living animal that suffuses its skeleton with iron sulfides. Some other interesting physical traits include the snail having no eyes, and an unusually large heart that makes up about 4 percent of its body volume. They were discovered in 2011 at the base of a hydrothermal vent field.

14 STRANGEST Snails In the WORLD

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