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From the legendary Black Widow ... to the world’s most dangerous spider … Here are 14 of the DEADLIEST spider bites

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#3 Sydney Funnel Web Spider
There are more than 40 different kinds of Funnel Web Spiders, and they’re all found in Australia. The only places in Oz you won’t find the critters are the Northern Territories and Western Australia (at least according to our sources). The best known of the lot is typically found within a 62 mile radius (100 km) of Sydney … and is also considered to be among the deadliest arachnids on Earth. The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is known to be especially aggressive towards humans. And while it doesn't carry the strongest venom, it is highly toxic toward humans and other primates … but doesn’t seem to be so effective against the nervous systems of other mammals. Thanks to their large fangs, they can strike repeatedly and deliver a full load of venom each time. The arachnid’s fangs cause a painful bite … and the venom can produce symptoms including muscle spasms, and swelling of the brain. In some cases, death has occurred within 15 minutes. But since an effective antivenom was distributed in 1981, there have been no documented fatalities from the bites of these spiders.

#2 Chilean Recluse Spider
A lot of sources consider this to be the most deadly of the recluse spiders. While it’s identified with Chile, it’s native to South America and can also be found in countries including Peru, Argentina and Brazil. It’s also known to have migrated to the US, Canada, and Australia … they’ve even been identified in Helsinki! Obviously, this critter is getting around, and it’s taking its lethal act on the road. Luckily it’s considered nonaggressive and will only bite if pressed against the skin (like when you’re putting on your clothes. Bites initially cause pain, but it can take seven hours for symptoms to manifest. The venom is typically necrotic (or flesh eating) … and sometimes the skin ulcerations can be so severe that skin grafts are required.

#Honorable Mention - Australian Funnel Web Spiders
And our number one deadly spider is just ahead. First, we’ll take a time out for an honorable mention, so we can talk a little about the Australian Funnel Web Spiders. We’ve mentioned a couple of these venomous beasts already … but maybe you’re wondering why exactly they’re called Funnel Web spiders. It has to do with, appropriately enough, the shape of the webs they spin. The webs are built horizontal, on wet ground. There’s a funnel in the center that usually leads to the ground, or another type of shelter. The spider hides in the funnel until prey lands there … whereupon it launches forth and captures its victim. WHile other spiders are known to build horizontal webs, the Sydney Funnel Web is unique in that it sets up a system of tripwires (or irregularly placed strings of webs) that alerts the spider that prey is approaching.

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#1 Brazilian Wandering Spider
So what better selection for our number one choice than this critter … it’s widely regarded as the world’s deadliest spider … and with a 6-inch leg span it looks the part. Guinness, in fact, has titled it the world’s most venomous spider. There are 8 different species, and as you might expect, they originate mostly in Brazil and South America, with one species found in Central America. No matter where they wander, they’re aggressive and dangerous, with a neurotoxin around 20 times more powerful than a Black Widow’s. Symptoms can include excruciating pain, difficulty breathing, and eventual asphyxiation. As their name implies, they can wander quite a distance … they’ve even been found hitching a ride in bunches of bananas. Thanks to an an effective anti venom, fatalities are rarely reported.


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