12 Ways to Escape the Heat If You Don’t Have an Air Conditioner

5 months ago
How to Survive the Summer Heat without an AC. How can you survive when the temperature outside gets up to 100°F and you have no air conditioner at home? We have searched for simple and super effective ways to escape the sweltering heat that won’t cost you anything but will work their magic.
The lowest temperature of the day is usually between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m., so open your windows in the morning and after 8 p.m. To prevent the sun’s heat from entering your house, it’s important to use the right curtains. In the past, before air conditioners existed, people used to wet their floors. The room temperature would drop immediately, and it would be comfortable enough to fall asleep. A great way to cool down your bed is to put your sheets and pillowcases in the fridge. Before you go to sleep, make your bed with them.

Close the windows in the morning. 1:12
How to choose the right curtains. 1:37
Throw away the carpets, rugs, and sofa pillows. 2:23
How to cool down a room with a wet towel and wet floor. 3:12
Use ceiling fans. 3:48
How to make a homemade air conditioner. 4:50
Change your bed linen. 5:43
How to choose the perfect sleepwear. 6:23
Shut off the lights when not in use. 7:17
Know your cooling spots. 7:39
How to stay hydrated. 8:00
How to adjust the AC settings. 8:54


-Shut the windows when the temperature outside is higher than 75°F, and open them when the temperature drops below that.
-Go for linen fabrics with light neutral colors. This type of cloth is made from eco-friendly materials. Moreover, it’s hypoallergenic and mold resistant.
-If you don’t want that heat to stay inside your home, it’s better to get rid of things that collect dust: carpets, rugs, and sofa pillows. This will make the air cleaner and cooler.
-When airing your room, wet a towel, and hang it in front of an open window. It will help to cool down your home quickly.
-Ceiling fans are cheap, maximizing space and cooling down a room pretty well. If you have this type of fan, make sure that the switch is set to summer mode.
-Freeze a few bottles or other containers with water, and place them in front of a fan. Cool air will be blown all over the room.
-If your bed linen is made of satin or synthetics, it’s better to replace it with cotton or silk sheets. Cotton sheets absorb sweat well and cool down the skin. Another way to cool down your bed is to put your sheets and pillowcases in the fridge.
-Wear pajamas made of cotton as they breathe better. Or sleep without clothes on.
-Opt for compact fluorescents and LEDs over incandescent light bulbs. It’s better to stick with LED lighting because it has a longer lifespan.
-Grab an ice pack or cold compress. If you don’t have these, wet a bandana, or wrap an ice cube in a cloth. Place it over the pulse points of your elbows, wrists, groin, neck, and ankles.
-According to the American Heart Association, dehydration is a serious condition that can lead to problems ranging from swollen feet or headaches to life-threatening illnesses like heat stroke.
-Many air conditioners have a function for temperature retention or night mode. In this mode, an air conditioner turns on and off, maintaining a steady temperature in the room.

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12 Ways to Escape the Heat If You Don’t Have an Air Conditioner

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