12 Riddles You Must Solve To Stay Alive

2 months ago
You're running down a corridor with three doors looming ahead of you. You hear the blood-chilling sounds of a vampire, mad scientist, and mutant animals all chasing after you. You have to choose one of the doors right away. The sounds are getting closer…and closer…and – boo! Gotchya! But don' be scared, it was just a riddle.

Yup, It's been a while since we've posted puzzles here! Do you have the quick problem-solving skills to survive any dire situation? Take this test to find out! And keep track of how many you get right – your results will be at the end!

A Vampire Attack 0:39
A Virus 1:47
Which Lever? 2:50
A Persistent Pursuer 3:51
The Dive of Your Life 4:57
An Escape Plan 5:55
An Ice Castle 6:53
The Mad Scientist’s Magic Lotion 7:44
Locked in a Room 8:44
A Mutant Beast 9:38
An Angry Rhino 10:32
A Room Without Windows 11:38
Your results 12:19

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- If you've cracked 1 to 4 riddles, you should probably avoid vampires, mad scientists, and any door you see. I’m kidding! But you could use some more practice in solving survival riddles! There are plenty of those here on the Bright Side!
- If your result is 5 to 8 solved puzzles, then you have good chances to pull through the most unexpected difficulties and dangers life sometimes has in store. Practice more, and "most” difficulties will turn into "all"!
- But if your score is 9 to 12, congratulations! A person like you can wriggle out of any difficulty, be it getting lost in the jungle, fighting your way out of a stuck elevator, or forgetting to buy milk for breakfast! Hey, Keep perfecting your skills!

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12 Riddles You Must Solve To Stay Alive

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