12 Animals Most Beneficial To Humans

1 year ago
From the surprising benefits of insects. to frogs working their own kind of magic; Here are 12 animals that are most beneficial to Humans

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Snake Massage Therapy
Snakes bodies are mostly made of muscles, so perhaps it's no surprise that, in some places it's become in vogue to get a massage from them. As scary as this sounds it's supposed to work great, technically they’re ideal masseurs, besides the fact that they could at any moment try to attack and eat you. Like frogs and most of these other animals on the countdown they are an important part of the ecosystem. Their prey would increase in numbers while the predators that rely on them for food would struggle and their numbers would decrease, causing a dangerous imbalance.


Human and rat physiology are remarkably similar which is why scientists so often choose to work with them in labs. This practice, while beneficial is also very controversial. We’re hurting rats without getting their permission. Another way in which we’re doing this is by marching them into mine fields. Humans don’t want to risk their lives to uncover undetonated landmines, so we send in these rodents to do the job for us. Their intelligence, which is remarkably high allows them to be trained to do such tasks, and they’re too lightweight to set off land mines

Did you know these birds show tons of affection to their mates? Their affectionate nature can also make them excellent companions. just ask Mike Tyson, or don’t that dude’s scary and chances are good he doesn’t know you. Like bats they eat and spread seeds, their favorite are weed seeds, and we’re being serious. They also snack on the food we throw away as litter, making them some sort of airborne garbagemen. Humans have domesticated the birds for thousands of years and to this day they perform delivery services in remote areas.

12 Animals Most Beneficial To Humans

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