11 Comics Prove Moms Actually Use Magic

1 year ago
Our moms work miracles every single day without magic wands. Take a look at their superpowers!

Moms can make the best dinner ever out of nothing.
They are psychic.
They can make you change your mind without saying a word.
They are the real pain whisperers.
Their multi-tasking skills put Caesar to shame.
Moms can expand space like no magician can.
They can freeze time to have enough to do it all.
Moms can make old things look better than new ones.
They know exactly what we want before we even think about it.
They can always tell how long it will take for the dish to be ready and what’s missing in it.
They can turn back time to make us feel like little kids again.

What superpowers does your mom have? Share in the comments!

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11 Comics Prove Moms Actually Use Magic

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