11 Biggest Airplane Accidents !

2 years ago
From the Swissair Flight 111, to the Tenerife Airport Accident, these are the 11 Biggest Airplane Accidents !

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# 7 American Airlines Flight 191
Just moments after the takeoff of Flight 191 on May 25, 1979, the plane barrel rolled and crashed into the ground. The left wing had engine malfunctioned, causing it to lift above the right wing and ultimately start rolling out of control. It crashed into an open field in Des Plaines, Illinois. The crash resulted in 273 deaths on board which include 2 victims on the ground.

# 6 Korean Air Flight 801
On August 6, 1997, Korean Air Flight 801 crashed in the US territory of Guam killing 228 of the 254 passengers on board. The flight was scheduled August 5-6 to take a team of Guamanian athletes to the South Pacific Mini Games in American Samoa when it crashed. The flight was under the command of 42-year-old Captain Park Yong-Chul who was one of the most experienced and capable fliers in the industry. However, due to heavy rain affecting visibility, the plane landed three nautical miles short of a landing strip. The flight engineer warned the pilots that the airplane was not in sight despite beginning a steep descent slope. Eventually, the vessel would fly directly into the mountain resulting in a crash.

# 5 TWA Flight 800
Trans World Airlines Flight 800, also known as TWA Flight 800 was a Boeing 747-100 that exploded in the middle of its flight and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York. It happened on July 17, 1996, at 8:31 PM, just 12 minutes after takeoff from JFK International Airport. Many believed that the explosion was caused by a terrorist attack that resulted in all 230 people on board dying. A four-year investigation concluded that the explosion wasn’t caused by terrorists, but rather an explosion of flammable fuel/air vapors in a fuel tank that may have been caused by a short circuit. However, conspiracy theories about the flight are pervasive as many don’t believe the inconclusive cause of the crash.

# 4 Lauda Air flight 004
Lauda Air flight 004 was an international passenger flight that crashed on May 26th, 1991 due to an unintended deployment of a thrust reverse in the middle of the flight. The crash resulted in the death of 213 passengers and 10 of the onboard crew. The plane’s reverse thrusters deployed while traveling over the mountainous jungle area in Thailand. The crew did not take sufficient action when they received a warning that the thrusters had deployed and the plane fell into a diving left turn.

# 3 Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Bombing
Pan Am Flight 103 was a normal scheduled flight on December 21st, 1998 from Frankfurt to Detroit but during the transatlantic leg of the route it was destroyed by a bomb and would be known as the Lockerbie Bombing. The plane crashed onto residential areas of Lockerbie Scotland and killing 11 people on the ground, and all 259 people on board including the crew. A three-year investigation revealed that two Libyan national were responsible for the bombing and that it was likely in collaboration with Muammar Gaddafi.

# 2 1996 Air Africa Crash
The 1996 Air Africa crash occurred on January 8th when an overloaded aircraft from Moscow Airways bound in for Kahemba Airport severely overshot the runway and plowed directly into the nearby street market. Four out of the 6 onboard crew members survived but the crash resulted in 225 fatalities and 253 serious injuries on the ground as a result of the plane plowing through. This is the largest number of non-passenger deaths as a result of an airplane crash in history.

# 1 Tenerife Airport Disaster
On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets crashed together on the runway of Tenerife North Airport in Spain. A bomb explosion at Gran Canaria Airport with the threat of a second bomb caused many aircrafts to be diverted to the Tenerife North Airport. Two of these included the KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736 which crashed together at the airport when traffic controllers were forced to park several planes on the runway. Then a dense fog formed and combined with everything else resulted in the crash. The total fatalities include 583 and 61 injuries.

11 Biggest Airplane Accidents !

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