10 Weirdest Toys You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

2 months ago
10 Weirdest Toys You Won't Believe Actually Exist! We all had our favorite toys as a kid, and there are many well designed toys out there. But toy companies are always trying to innovate and create entertaining toys that children and their families will buy and enjoy. But sometimes they don’t always hit the mark, and they end up making something weird or odd. So here are our top 10 weirdest toys ever made.

10 - Lunch Lady Figurine
Action figures are awesome, and they are great toys that are usually not very expensive. Usually they are made in the image of our favorite heroes from movies or comic books. However, this company made an action figure of a lunch lady. If you are scratching your head, you’re not alone. The company behind this creation, Accoutrements, made this action figure in the image of everyone’s school lunch lady. The lunch lady comes with one tray and a spoon, and is also attached to the serving table. Accoutrements is known for their crazy toys, and they have several other odd action figures like Crazy Cat Lady. She is advertized with such sayings as “You’ll eat it and you’ll like it!” We don’t really know who this appeals to, but if you are interested, you might want to hurry, because there is only one on stock at Amazon. (https://www.amazon.com/Accoutrements-Lunch-Lady-Action-Figure/dp/B000GL1DZO)

9 - Titanic Slide
Sometime if a tragedy is around long enough, it is no longer offensive to make light of it. However, we doubt that anyone will be screaming “too soon!” at this slide. This Chinese slide is based off the sinking of the Titanic. You just climb up and slide down the deck, just like the real victims of the Titanic. A lot of people saw this as funny, and the slide has gotten popular over the years. In the Swiss town of Ibach, the inflatable Titanic slide was pretty popular with the visitors at the local fair, but it ended up being banned, following complaints from Switzerland’s Titanic Club. Spokesman Gunter Babler said “Is it ethical to let kids slide down the decks of a blow up Titanic? Hundreds of people died sliding down those decks.” And a visitor thought “It’s pretty sick. It’s like having a bouncy graveyard. No-one could forget that scene from the Titanic movie with all the people sliding down the decks to their deaths. It’s very insensitive.” It’s obvious that the inflatable Titanic isn’t popular with everyone, but it has gained some notoriety over the years. It costs about 9,000 to rent it for 90 days. Anyone in?

8 - Pregnant Barbie
Barbie is a very classic toy that has been adored by young girls around the world as not only a toy, but also as a role model. She has a classic shape and is recognizable as a sign of girls and of the toy industry. However, Barbie attracted much controversy when they released Midge, a pregnant friend of Barbie. She was made to have a gentler face, and was made to seem less harsh than Barbie. She had a similar body as Barbie, but didn’t force young girls to live up to the standards Barbie set. Midge was sold "pregnant" with Nikki, who was a tiny baby inside Midge's magnetic removable womb. This led to some controversy with some consumers saying that the doll was inappropriate for children, or that it promoted teen pregnancy. Another cause for this controversy was that Midge did not initially have a wedding ring, but this was later fixed. She also was packaged without Alan. Customers complaining about the doll led to Wal-Mart pulling the Happy Family line off their shelves. A new version of this Midge was produced for Wal-Mart, this time not pregnant and with a cardboard cut-out display of Alan and Ryan standing next to her inside the box. Pregnant Barbie was short-lived, but bizarre.

7 - Gun O’ Clock
Are you ever bored of your normal, boring alarm clock? Have you ever wanted to wake up like a man? Or maybe, wake up like a secret agent? The Gun O’ Clock was created as a fun way to wake up in the morning. It makes the user have quick reflexes, and a sharp eye if they want to be able to shut off the alarm clock. It works by making you wake up. This isn’t an easy task, because most people are very groggy from just waking up, making it difficult to hit the target. Best of all, those who enjoy challenges can set it to "Hard" mode, requiring them to blast the center target no fewer than five times in order to hush it; after you're satisfactorily awake, you can utilize the game mode to work on your aim. It originally became popular in Japan, but later on there were several other knockoffs made to be sold in other countries like the UK or United States. If you are looking for a challenging way to wake up in the mornings, look no further!

So those were our top 10 weirdest toys ever invented. What was your favorite? Were there any that were missed? Tell us in the comments.

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10 Weirdest Toys You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

10 Weirdest Toys You Won't Believe Actually Exist!