10 Ways Advertisers Are Tricking You Everyday

2 years ago
top 10 tricks companies are using to make you buy their products
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It seems that unless we are able to install an optical ad-blocker it’s impossible to avoid being continually bombarded with advertisements. Everyone out there wants to sell us something, and advertisers are very good at what they do. With the addition of a single word, they’re able to make their product seem so much more attractive, even if the word is meaningless. We’ll tell you ten of the tricks that advertisers use in order to get you to purchase their product or service. If you’ve ever purchased something because of its organic label, you’re far from the only one. But that label might not mean what you think it does. It seems like antioxidant is the new healthy buzzword, and people are willing to shell out cash for products they think are healthy. We’ll explain why just reading the label on a product that contains antioxidants isn’t enough to make an informed decision. When it comes to establishing a mascot for their brand, advertisers are well aware of anthropomorphism which means that the smiling creature trying to sell you car insurance is also trying to manipulate you. We’ll also debunk some advertising claims made by some of your favorite breakfast beverages such as decaf coffee, bottled water, and orange juice. How many of you actually know what it means when your juice claims to be from concentrate? In pursuit of a good value, we can let our fear of loss make us fall for the decoy effect which is used more often than you might think.

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10 Ways Advertisers Are Tricking You Everyday

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