10 Things The Rich Do And The Poor Don't

8 months ago
10 easy but very useful tricks that can make you successful and wealthy. We often envy the rich people thinking they just got their wealth overnight or inherited it. In fact, you are totally capable of following their example to change your financial situation for the better.

Focus on your life, not your wallet 1:04
Grab at opportunities 2:27
Make to-do lists 3:29
Listen 4:11
Pick your social circle wisely 4:54
Look for answers 5:52
Be “dollar smart” 6:45
Follow the “law of income” 7:29
Learn to think “both” not “either-or” 8:24
Read more 9:36


-Truly successful people do what they're passionate about and dedicate their time to their work. They don't brag about their money, they just make more of it by the second.
-Instead of focusing on all the things that might go wrong, learn to look at them as one-time opportunities to grow, learn new skills, and become stronger.
-To-do lists are like little maps of our days, telling us where we should be, what we need to be doing at any given moment, and when we can take a break.
-Listening allows you to see the world through other people's eyes, which is essential for pretty much everybody no matter what their profession is.
-When you surround yourself with people who talk about success and opportunities and inspire each other to greatness, you have no other choice but to become the best version of yourself.
-Rich people don't like remaining in ignorance. And if they don't know the answer themselves, they'll just ask others.
-Smart people aren't afraid to spend their money on their further improvement in exchange for new skills that'll help them earn more than they do now.
-Instead of focusing on how much time they spend on a certain project, rich people pay attention to the output it'll create.
-Rich people usually try to find a way to get both of the things they want, whereas poor people make a choice.
-Warren Buffett says that he spends around 80% of his day reading. Bill Gates reads 50 non-fiction books a year. Reading really does broaden your horizons and help you learn new skills that you can put into practice later.

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10 Things The Rich Do And The Poor Don't

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