10 Super Dark Series Finales In Kid-Friendly Shows

11 months ago
These shows chose to end on the most depressing note possible!
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Children’s television is often filled with happy moments, great scenes, and good lessons for children. When shows are slated to end, they often take a turn for the worst. Death, the loss of characters, and very dark themes have encompassed several different children’s shows through the years. Some of these dark moments were done by accident – like if the show got canceled – and others were purposely made dark.

Full House was one of the cheesiest and family-friendly shows on television. For eight seasons, it paved a path for TGIF and ended with a special one hour finale where Michelle loses her memory and discovers a dark secret even viewers can’t handle to watch. Regular Show was known for its random and goofy comedy, but they brought the emotions in their series finale when a character died and the rest of them grow up. Green Lantern: The Animated Series was supposed to last for multiple seasons, but the failure of the movie led to the cancellation of the series and a major character death. Alf was as goofy as they come, but the cliff-hanger finale of the show left fans in tears as they realized the painful truth about the alien creature. We all know the Dinosaurs go extinct, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch the Sinclair family meet their demise in the series finale of the live-action puppet show. Superhero shows like Young Justice, Teen Titans and the New Adventures of Batman all featured dark episodes with some pretty crazy moments for a cartoon. Watch to see all 10 super dark series finales in kid-friendly shows!

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10 Super Dark Series Finales In Kid-Friendly Shows

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