10 Strict Rules Kate Gosselin's Kids MUST Follow

11 months ago
10 Strict Rules The Kids From "Kate Plus 8" MUST Follow
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When you’ve got eight kids you’re going to have rules, but the strict rules Kate Gosselin allegedly lays down for her children are shocking. If you got to know the brood on “Jon and Kate Plus 8” and you’re wondering what they’re doing now, you’ll want to watch our video on the Gosselin kids.

Jon Gosselin has made shocking claims about his ex-wife’s rules and punishments for their kids, from giving them moldy food to spanking them in front of each other as a deterrent. There are also disturbing claims from nanny revelations about the rules and punishments Kate has dished out to her celebrity kids.

Want to know what happened to Collin Gosselin, and what role Hannah Gosselin plays in her brother’s life? Watch our TheTalko video to discover this plus 10 strict rules the kids from “Kate Plus 8” must follow, and tell us in comments which one you think is the most shocking.

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10 Strict Rules Kate Gosselin's Kids MUST Follow

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