10 Soccer Players Who Put Their Country To SHAME

8 months ago
10 football athletes who were a disgrace to the country they were representing at the FIFA World Cup. (Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli, Diego Maradona)
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The World Cup is arguably the best sporting tournament on Earth. This is because soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and the tournament allows for competition between diverse players from the far reaches of the globe. Of course, when players from different countries—and sometimes feuding countries—get together, there’s bound to be conflict. Thus, the World Cup has been the stage for a lot of interplayer controversy, which has put the players’ represented countries to shame. These have been both on-field and off-field incidents, and the incidents aren’t just limited to the World Cup. But adding more ammo to the arsenal of conflict, which the World Cup does, increases the odds of controversy. FIFA is a beautiful organization, and while it does much more good than harm, its players run the gamut of personalities and cultures, which makes for some pretty entertaining disputes.

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10 Soccer Players Who Put Their Country To SHAME

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