10 SNEAKY Ways Famous People Control Your Behavior

By : TheRichest - 5 months ago
10 ways famous celebrities manipulate and influence the way we live.
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Love them or hate them, celebrities come and go—but some of them seem to stick around forever. Why is that? While we like to think that we have some sort of control over a celebrity being relevant or not, it's quite the opposite. Next time you question a celebrity’s intelligence, believe it or not, but you’re playing right into their game! That’s right, celebrities have managed to figure out some really sneaky ways to control our daily routines. And it involves more than just putting out a new song or starring in a new movie. Thanks to social media and the rise of celebrity drama on TV, celebrities have managed to come up with some crazy ways to make sure that you’re still into them. Their methods involve riling up emotions, staying relevant on current events, and going through personal hardships. It suddenly makes sense that we seem to know so much about the personal lives of celebrities.

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