10 Signs You Might Get a Nervous Breakdown

7 months ago
How to Tell You’re Having a Nervous Breakdown. Emotional and physical overload, anxiety, high expectations, and increased responsibility bring us close to crossing the mental health boundaries every now and then. How can you tell if your nervous system is about to collapse and avoid serious health issues? We put together a list of warning signs your body can send you as described by Professor Shahram Heshmat and psychotherapist F. Diane Barth.

People rarely admit that they've turned into a walking emotional atomic reactor. We tend to exaggerate the faults of others and completely ignore our own. There’s also a big difference between introspection and obsessive memories. Your task is to feel it at the time. Preston Ni M.S.B.A. is positive that your voice and diction are indicators of your emotional condition. Stress attacks your voice just like your cat attacks your Christmas decorations. According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, about 7% of Americans have social anxiety disorder. You might have a similar condition if your muscles and limbs seem to get out of control in public places.

There are too many idiots around. 0:47
You keep going over events from the past. 2:26
People can’t hear you. 4:16
It seems that the whole world is busy judging you. 5:12
You need a good deal of self-control to be around other people. 5:56
You can’t just relax and take it easy. 6:40
Your life is constantly poisoned with annoying "What ifs?" 7:24
You take any conversation to the dark side. 7:58
You can’t go without your "protective" rituals. 8:33
It seems really hard for you to please anyone. 9:32


-Before you accuse everyone else of conspiracy and unforgivable stupidity, ask yourself this: Aren’t they always like that? Maybe it’s you who’s overreacting to their normal behavior today because your mood was far from perfect before you met them all.
-Replaying painful conversations or events in your head leads to mental health problems. The more you focus on your problems, the harder it is to let go of them.
-Your voice and diction are indicators of your emotional condition. If you have problems with everyday communication and the people you talk to have to take part in a "Guess the Word" game, it’s cause for concern.
-We tend to shift our glance from one person to another, then to one of the many billboards or posters out there, and then back to another human. It’s totally normal.
-The most basic things and actions (dining out, perhaps) turn into torture sessions. You can’t focus on your thoughts or conversations, and you eat that pizza in autopilot mode. If it sounds familiar, anxiety might have taken over your brain.
-The rush when you can’t relax at all is brought to you by GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). It is associated with motor tension, which gives you all the unnecessary fussiness.
-If you’re always preparing yourself for the worst and only see trouble coming your way, it’s another clear sign of anxiety.
-If a simple “How are you?” makes you give a 10-minute monologue on how life is unfair and all people are doomed, that’s not fine. It’s another sign of anxiety.
-Sometimes the desire to control your life with the help of rituals takes on a severe form. You can’t just put a cup on the table, shut the door, dress up, and so on. For such situations, obsessive-compulsive disorder is the relevant term.
-If more and more of the people around you seem to be very disappointed with you, think about the reasons for this. Your faults might be pretty obvious. You might be unable to protect your personal boundaries.

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10 Signs You Might Get a Nervous Breakdown

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