10 SHOCKING Theories that will change your life. I have no words left.

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Top 10 Weirdest Theories About Reality

Hello YouTube. Today I’ve got a list that might just blow your mind. It’s no secret that we humans have been trying to explain our existence practically since we were smart enough to know we had one. We cling to religion and science in a futile effort to make sense of the world we’ve found ourselves on, but the more we look, the more we learn that some our best theories are more like educated guesses. Do any of us really exist? Is yellow really four? How did you know who was calling you last night before you even picked up the phone? We apologize if you’re up at 3am wondering if 3am actually exists after you watch the top ten weirdest theories about reality.

10) Brain in a Vat
If somebody put your brain in a vat and hooked up life support and a bunch of electrodes, made you think you still had a body, and played a little virtual reality thing for you to interact with, with your not real body, how would you know? Our senses, our thoughts, even control of our bodies is all handled up in the brain. To be perfectly honest, your brain only gives a damn about your body because it keeps it alive. You feel pain, fatigue, and fear all because your brain knows that it needs to keep its little meat shell alive in order to continue to live itself. It’s arguable that if humans have a soul, it probably lives in the brain. So if our bodies are just an inconsequential shell, how do you know that shirt you’re wearing is even real? The short answer is that you don’t. Not really. Think you can argue actual facts with that? Go on, I’ll wait.

9) Alien DNA (AKA the Denisovans)
In 2010, scientists were analyzing a finger bone they’d unearthed when they made an amazing discovery that could change the very way we think of ourselves as a species. DNA placed this finger bone as belonging to a member of a species of human never before discovered. What was even more exciting was that, after going over the DNA from some very alive, modern day people, they found that a part of our current population carries denisovan in their genetics. That might not sound like all that and a bag of chips, but apparently a denisovan, homo sapien mating caused sterile male offspring, a trait that is not uncommon in various hybridized animals. The daughters of these pairings then went on to reproduce and allow denisovan genes to spread throughout humanity. So, are some of us alien, human hybrids or was the whole denisovan thing just two branches of humanity enjoying each other’s’ company?

8) Multiverse Theory
Ah, the good old multiverse theory. This is probably one of the least mind blowing items on our list and, let’s face it, most people have heard of parallel universes. I mean, they always seem to have them in shows on TV. But the science behind the multiverse is surprisingly real and it opens up one whopper of a can of worms. In 1952 Irish scientist, Erwin Schrödinger went ahead and gave a lecture that he warned would sound, “lunatic.” He proposed that every event and decision in our lives creates a parallel universe out of the other choices you and those around you could’ve made. In another universe you might be living across the world, dead from an accident, or maybe your parents didn’t meet and you were never born. The possibilities are literally endless. All I want to know is are we Earth 1 or Earth 62?

7) White Holes
I’ll be honest, no one really knows if white holes exist, but statistically speaking, it’s quite likely. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty or so years, you’re probably familiar with what a black hole is. You know, a force in space with a gravitational pull so large that everything gets sucked into it, even light. White holes are the theoretical opposite of a black hole. In 1964, quantum physicist Igor Novikov proposed that if there was a black hole pulling all this matter in, then there must be something on the other side spitting it out. Not only is this a high probability, it’s basic physics. What goes in must come out one way or another and, in the case of white holes, all that energy would come out as an entirely new universe… or just another copy of the original one that got sucked in I suppose.

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10 SHOCKING Theories that will change your life. I have no words left.